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10 Compulsory Things to Check When You Declutter Home

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Over a period time, you start to wonder how small your home has become. The truth is that you have accumulated too many things. Things started to creep into your house by way of gifts, remembrance, presents, decorative, toys and what not. Trash in one person’s eyes will be considered as treasure in other persons eyes. The reality is there is clutter in your home and you need to clean it.

Listed below are 10 compulsory things you need to look into when you are organizing your home. Be careful it cannot be done in one day, after all you took so many years to accumulate and do not expect it to be completed in one day.

1. Kids Room: You need to clear the clutter from this room at least twice in a year as kids are fast growing and the dresses and toys are something which you can gift or donate to someone.

2. Book Shelves: This area will slowly get cluttered if not checked on regular basis. Magazines or sometimes news papers cuttings get into the book shelves and unless checked will remain there.

3. Bedroom Closets: Any item in your closet not used for more than 6 months need to be cleared. Only exception which you should keep is seasonal cloths. Other than that you should get rid of other items.

4. Beneath your Bed: This area to de-clutter is quite risky and uncomfortable. Please use a vacuum cleaner to do the first round of cleaning. Lot of things can be removed from this area.

5. Kitchen Cupboards: You can get treasure out of this place. You can find many spices which were not used for quite a number of years. Or sometimes you can even find multiple micro wave ovens also.

6. Medicine Chest: This is something which you need to clear on a monthly basis. If one do not clear this on a regular basis it will not only accumulate clutter, but it will also become health hazardous.

7. Bathroom & Linen Closet: You should really evaluate and see if you require so many different types of shampoos or perfumes or cold cream in your room. Towels, sheets and curtains are something which needs to be evaluated on a regular basis; else it will lose its color and will wear out.

8. Drawers in your Tables: This again is an area where things are easily dropped due to its comfort. Just pull and open the draw and put it inside, in this bargain everything enter the drawers right from pens, pencils, check books etc.

9. Mails and New Papers: Never keep this job accumulating for more than a day. Try to action on your mails on daily basis and keep all the previous day’s news paper in one single place.

10. Shoe Rack: If you check this area you will be wondering how many pairs of shoes and socks are not used for long time. You can clear all these too.

At least check these 10 areas on a regular basis and do your de-cluttering exercise in your home. Do it slowly, it may take few days if you do your spend some to time to clear things consistently. Doing it on a regular basis and developing a passion to keep your things neat and clean will really make this task interesting and will really help your home to be a peaceful place to live in.

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