10 Reasons To Use A Professional Carpet Cleaner

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Carpet is considered by many to be the best floor covering solution, but proper maintenance and cleaning is essential in order to benefit from its unique advantages.

Major carpet manufacturers recommend that carpet should be cleaned by a certified professional carpet cleaning company at twelve to eighteen month intervals, minimum.

Tolerable results may be accomplished by using a small portable carpet cleaning machine and doing it yourself, but ultimately, these results will be inadequate to maintain a clean, healthy, stain free carpet.

Carpet is the best filter in the home or office, and has the largest surface area, so it is perfect for trapping airborne or deposited contaminants. Soot, tar, road soils, body oils, skin scales, insect parts, larvae and micro-organisms all eventually find residence among the carpet fibers. They ultimately migrate down to the carpet backing and are difficult to extract with a small portable, especially from plush type carpets.

Moreover, all kinds of liquid spills, from inks to drinks, plus make-up, may fall unto the carpet and cause ugly stains. Quite often too, there may be body fluids or excreta from pets or humans, that cause foul odors and unsightly stains on the carpet.

Some of these contaminants may be removed with a portable DIY carpet cleaner, but eventually, professional carpet cleaning will be required, as recommended by the carpet manufacturers.

Here are ten reasons why it is necessary to use a professional:

  1. Small portable cleaning machines and not powerful enough to do the best cleaning job. They cannot generate the heat, vacuum or agitation that is required.
  2. Professional carpet cleaners have been trained in systems and procedures to clean all types of carpet fibers.
  3. They know about the different kinds of carpet, how to handle each type, and what measures will be necessary to clean them properly.
  4. They have been trained in the art and science of cleaning, and certified by an authoritative carpet cleaning institution. They will usually be able to present this certification on demand.
  5. They will also be licensed, bonded, and insured, and will only employ technicians who can pass a rigorous background check. Your home or office will remain secure while they are there.
  6. They are learned, skilled and experienced about different types of stains, their chemical properties, and the safest and most effective methods to get rid of them.
  7. They will use only safe and approved chemicals for efficient carpet cleaning that will not cause damage or lead to unintended, negative consequences after cleaning.
  8. Professional carpet cleaners will usually use powerful truck-mounted equipment that will be adequate for removal of even the toughest, deep down stains from the carpet.
  9. They can use specialized equipment to accelerate drying of the carpet.
  10. Good professional carpet cleaners will always offer a guarantee on their work, because they are usually confident of their ability to perform as promised.

So, if you wish, go ahead and use a small portable for interim maintenance of your carpet, but always remember that cleaning by a certified, experienced professional will be necessary, eventually.

Victor Nugent is Owner and President of AJS Carpet Cleaning, Inc. with over 11 years experience in the Carpet Cleaning business.

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