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12 Wonders of Baking Soda

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Do you know that baking soda has many different uses in your household? From baking, cleaning, deodorizing, to personal care, baking soda can be one of mom’s versatile, inexpensive, effective, and toxic-free household friend. Baking soda helps regulate pH – keeping a substance neither too acidic nor too alkaline.

I am amazed at how this inexpensive product has personally helped me in so many ways and so I thought of writing about it. Here are different and creative ways to make baking soda do wonder in you and in your home.

1. Use as hair shampoo. Baking soda cleans out the excess product, remove impurities, and clean your hair better than any expensive product on the market. Try it. You may choose to use it regularly or opt to use it on your hair once or two times a month. Just mix 1/2 cup onto 3 cups of very warm water, and use it on your hair.

2. Use as itch relief. Baking soda can relieve itches of all kinds. I had my chickenpox at the age 30 last year, and I am grateful that I learned about its wonders for itches. For widespread and hard-to-reach itches, add 1 cup to a tub of warm water and soak.

3. Use as deodorant. Skip harsh deodorant! Pat baking soda onto your underarms to neutralize body odor.

4. Use as facial scrub and body exfoliate. Treat yourself to a revitalizing body and facial scrub by mixing 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water. Rub gently to skin i circular motion. Rinse well. May be used daily.

5.Use as foot and shoe deodorant. Deodorize shoes by sprinkling 1 or 2 teaspoons to absorb moisture and remove odor. Too soothe and cleanse your feet, dissolve 3 tablespoons in warm water and soak your feet. Scrub gently and rinse.

6. Use as vegetable and fruit wash. Want a safe way to wash chemicals and pesticides off your fruits and vegetables? Add 3-4 tablespoons onto a pot filled with water. I do this when juicing fresh fruits.

7. Use as deodorizer. Use to clean and deodorize refrigerator, dishwashers, trash cans, closets, cars, etc. 8. Use as detergent booster. Add 1/2 cup to each laundry load to help clothe become fresher, cleaner and brighter.

9. Use to sanitize personal items. Use it to clean your brushes, combs, nail cutter, manicure and pedicure tools.

10. Use to clean microwave, oven and kitchen utensils. Mix with warm water and use to remove dirt, grease and oil.

11. Use with warm water to clean baby bottles.

12. Use as insect repellent. Scatter it under sink and basement to repel cockroaches and ants.

With the many uses and benefits of baking soda, you can choose to replace many of your harmful household products with this environment-friendly product. It’s versatile, budget-friendly, toxic-free and effective.

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