2 Effective Ways to Clean Up Food Stains on the Carpet

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Food stains is one of the most common types of stains that you can find on your carpet. People just love to eat in the living room or on the couch while watching television and it can often lead to very tough stains and cleaning situations that homeowners have to deal with.

You never want to find food stains on your carpet but unfortunately this is sometimes a completely unavoidable situation. If ever you have this tough ordeal on your hands though you need to do everything you can to get your carpet back to normal.

For homeowners who are not that good in terms of cleaning you don’t need to worry too much about how to get your carpet clean. Just try out either of the two helpful ways that I have highlighted below to guide you in restoring your carpet to the way it was before.

Method 1: Using a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Solution

One of the methods that you can use in removing food stains is using a commercial carpet cleaning solution to do so. Before you can use a commercial cleaning product you should first work on removing the solid food particles that can be found on your carpet. You can use your fingers to do this or you can also make use of a clean spoon. Once you have removed the food particles, get a commercial cleaning solution and then use some of it on the stained area of the carpet. Let the solution soak the food stain for a moment and then use a clean white cloth to blot the area repeatedly until the stain is removed.

Method 2: Using a Homemade Cleaning Solution

In this method, you will actually be using the same steps as the one above. The difference is instead of using a commercial carpet cleaning solution you are just going to make one yourself. Yes, it is actually not that hard to do this method as making a cleaning solution can be done in just a few steps. The first thing that you need to do to make a cleaning solution is to get some materials that you will use. A teaspoon of white vinegar or clear ammonia and a cup of warm water is what you will need. Once you have this, just mix them together and then apply some of the resulting solution on the stained portion of the carpet and proceed as in the previous method.

Take a pick of which method you would want to take. Either way your carpet will definitely be clean and tidy once more.

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