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2 Top Rated Vacuum Cleaners For Under $100

Finding the top rated vacuum cleaners is hard with all the choices out there. If you are looking for a good machine but do not want to spend an arm and a leg, here are 2 cleaners for under $100 that you should consider:

1. Eureka 1934 Boss Upright


Cost: This one goes for around $100 at most sites, which makes it one of the cheaper ones on the market.

Maneuverability: As with most machines, the dimensions of this one are small. It is only 13″W x 15″L x 44.5″H. Since it is so small, it is able to fit into the tiniest of spaces when vacuuming.

Even better, it is simple to store it away if you live in a tiny apartment and do not have a lot of room. It is also one of the lighter machines on the market. It only weighs 10.4 pounds, which makes it simple to carry around the house.

Suction: Even though the engine is only 5 amps, the suction is as strong as many more expensive machines with bigger engines. Therefore, it does a thorough cleaning job and is quite capable of getting out even the hardest stains.

Adjustable Height: You are able to raise and lower the height, which makes it easy to use with different varieties of rug.

Style: The machine has a nice, modern design.

Cord Length: The cord is 20 feet long. This enables you to be able to get most rooms without having to change the plug location.


Cord retraction: Quite simply, the cord does not retract automatically like most of the machines. Therefore, you have to wind it around by hand. This is not a big deal, but can be a pain when vacuuming multiple rooms.

2. Hoover Nano Light Upright


Price: This one is even cheaper than the Eureka, as it goes for under $60 at most sites. This makes it one of the most affordable cleaners on the market, and might be the best vacuum cleaner for less than $60.

Suction: The machine is quite strong for something so cheap.

Chord Length: As with most top rated vacuum cleaners, the chord is quite long. Depending on the height of your home, you can usually vacuum the entire stairs without needing to change outlets.

Easy to Clean: The filter is simple to take apart, which means that it is simple to clean it. Also, the dust bin is not hard to empty. You just press the button and the bottom opens up.

Size: Like the Eureka, this machine is tiny and maneuverable. The dimensions are 10.5 x 11.0 x 44.0, which allows it to easily squeeze into small space.

Warranty: It has a 12 month warranty, which is decent for a machine of this price-range.


Limited Cleaning Ability: This cleaner only works on carpets-not floors. Most top rated vacuum cleaners and all commercial vacuum cleaners are able to do both, so this is a bit of an inconvenience.


If you are looking for a good cheap vacuum cleaner, the Eureka 1934 Boss Upright and the Hoover Nano Light Upright are 2 you should consider. They might not compare to the more expensive Hepa vacuum cleaners, but for the money you cannot beat them. They are both top rated vacuum cleaners in the low priced category, and for most people are more than good enough to get the job done.

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