December 2017


3 Housecleaning Nightmares Hiding in Most Homes

Are your housecleaning habits up to par? Most of us like to think so. But the truth is that even so-called “spotless” homes where housecleaning takes place everyday are harboring lots of hidden household germs. It is often the case that homeowners overlook some of the biggest bacteria magnets in the home. Hidden dirt loves to cling to surfaces in the:

• Bathroom. Who wants to use a germ-laden toothbrush? Of course no one does, but the truth is that the bathroom is a huge harbinger of germs, and many of them end up on your toothbrush. Much of this is due to microscopic toilet spray that reaches your toothbrush when the sink is within a few feet of the commode. Wow, sounds like most bathrooms, right? Store your toothbrush inside a medicine cabinet or invest in one of those toothbrush sanitizing units that hangs on the wall. Daily housecleaning in the bathroom using anti-bacterial cleaners is also necessary, since it is one of the germiest spots in the home. A professional house cleaning service will help those who don’t have time to deep clean and sanitize the bathroom and other problem areas.

• Kitchen sink. Bacteria love to set up shop in the kitchen, especially in the drain of your sink and the garbage or food disposal. The sink drain is notoriously a breeding ground for bacteria. After all, what creepy, crawly, microscopic bacterium wouldn’t enjoy the moist conditions of the drain and the trapped food particles to feed on? Those bacteria that don’t prefer the drain will often cling to the sponge that you use in the kitchen (which you should replace weekly, by the way). A quick housecleaning fix to kill the germs in your drain: pour a teaspoon of bleach mixed into a quart of water down the drain. This will also kill out any weird smells in the drain and kill off any bacteria that have made a home in your pipe system.

• Carpets. Sure, your carpet sees its fair share of abuse and basic housecleaning calls for daily vacuuming. After all, it is trodden upon each day by dirty shoes and bacteria-harboring feet. But in reality, carpets are also teeming with dust mites, which is a common reason that many people have allergies. A sure fix: vacuum daily with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter that will collect them properly. (Ordinary vacuums just blow dust mites around, making things worse).

Keep these three trouble areas in mind when housecleaning and you’ll see a reduction in allergies and illnesses in your household. No time to clean? Hire the job out! Housecleaning services are not as costly as one might think and most maid service duties have rates that nearly anyone can afford!

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3 Tips to Declutter Your Wardrobe


This first step is extremely important.

  • Some days just are not the right day to make bold decisions! You may be tired and listless after a hard days work then you will be unable to make any big decisions
  • Some days you may not have the peace and quiet required to make bold decisions. Interruptions in your thought process may interfere with courageous and sensible choices
  • Some days you may wish to invite your special friends to help you in your efforts to get organized and achieve the success you are looking for.
  • Other times you may wish to follow a saga on the TV or watch your favorite programme so your mind will be unable to concentrate on the important job in hand.


Now the mood is right and the stage is set, it is time to enjoy and celebrate the feeling that you have started on your path to order in the wardrobe.

  • You are in the right mood, a good feeling, so make the most of it and start by organizing the area you least want to do.
  • Clear the chosen area of items but only the amount that you know you will be able to cope with. Lay the articles on the bed or chair. Try to keep relatively tidy in order to keep the good moods flowing.
  • Clean this empty space ready for your new and wonderful organization.
  • Decide which items suit your needs and you really, really want and know it is right to keep.


  • This is a time of wavering decisions but your mood is right so you may be able to make bold decisions. If you are still not sure, put these few items into a box, out of sight, temporarily out of mind and reconsider them in a few weeks, when the mood is right again.

Carry on with these 3 tips to declutter your wardrobe. It may take a long time, it may be an ongoing task or you may manage to organize the whole wardrobe in one session.

Decluttering and organizing your wardrobe needs to be done regularly, especially when the seasons change. Maybe consideration too must be given to the possibility of not only seasons but also size changes!

Keep tidy! Keep organized. Have fun! Remember that LESS is MORE!


3 Tips to Keep Your Sunglasses in a Good Shape for a Long Time

Since sunglasses became fashion accessories in daily life, they are no longer the inexpensive items. You may spend a lot of money on sunglasses ranging from hundreds dollars to thousands even more. Considering the huge investment you put on them, good care of them is not only necessary but essential. Even if you did not spend much money, offering regular care is also important. If you do that, you will keep your sunglasses in good shape for a long time.

Here are some tips to help you keep your sunglasses in good condition.

1. You’d better inspect your sunglasses regularly. Sunglasses should be checked regularly if you wear them frequently. Because regular use may lead to loosening of sunglasses structures, regular inspections help you find the problems of your glasses such as loose screws or discoloration so that you can clean and fix them at once. If the glass seems misaligned, go to optician to get it fixed and do not try to fix it at home in case of you are not skillful as you thought. Lenses are the parts which need inspection most. Usually sunglasses brands offer a 1-year warranty against lens scratches. Before buying them, please keep in mind ask your optician for details.

2. Cleaning them frequently is the most important step. When you clean lens, you should use lukewarm water to flush away dust which may cause scratches and then use lens cleaners to clean lens. You should also rub both sides of the lenses with the help of your cleaning materials such as soft fabric. Finally dry them with a clean cotton towel. Your sunglass will shine as new.

Nose pads and frames should also be cleaned carefully. Since the nose pads is the place dust accumulates, you should also pay attention to it in cleaning course. And clean the entire frame thoroughly to remove skin oils.

3. Daily protection can keep your eyewear last longer. Keep your sunglasses in a protective case when you’re not wearing them. It is essential but not everyone realizes its importance. Cases not only protect sunglasses against damages like getting broken or being scratched accidentally but also prevent dust and other unexpected pollution.

Besides, in daily use, make sure you always remove your glasses with both hands with one ear rail in each hand. If not, the ear rails may not maintain their shape and may go bent.

If they are not in use, make sure they are set down with the side of the lens facing upward. If you set your glasses down on their lenses, they easily get scratched and damaged. And make sure they are placed in the safe place.

The above tips will help you keep your sunglasses last much longer. It is not hard to do. Just a few minutes per day can be enough.

If you want to see more information about how to care your sunglasses, please visit Sunglasses Space [] at []. And you will get more information.

4 Things That Could Go Wrong When Cleaning a Rug

You may be actually damaging your rug with your do-it-yourself rug cleaning techniques. Here’s what you need to be careful about.

Vacuuming the fringes or tassels of your rug

When you run your vacuum over the fringes or tassels of your rug, it is highly likely that the fringes are sucked into the vacuum. This can spoil the shape of the rug’s edges. In some instances, the tassels may break leaving your rug in a really bad condition. The best thing to do would be to fluff the fringes by hand. The more harshly you deal with the rug fringes every time you vacuum, the more the chances of permanently damaging them.

Using the rotating brush of the vacuum on the front of the rug

Your rug bears all the tough stress and stains and needs regular cleaning every month. But that does not mean, you pick up the vacuum and run the rotating brush over the front of the rug to clean it. Using the rotating brush on it can increase the chances of damage to the rug fiber. The best thing to do here would be to flip the rug upside down when you clean it and run the rotating brush on the back. This will push all the loose dirt to the top and you can easily suction it away from the front.

Using rug cleaning sprays and shampoos

Unless your rug supplier recommends a rug cleaning solution, do not buy the ones you are not sure of for cleaning your rug. Chemical solutions, sprays and shampoos can damage the texture and strength of the rug if you use them indiscriminately. Moreover, if you do not wash the rug well after using soap, there are chances of dirt and grime settling down on the rug. This makes cleaning the rug the next time even more difficult. Test the cleaning solution on a damp cotton cloth before you use any of it on your rug.

Not cleaning your rug soon after a spill or stain

A home with kids and pets is always filled with spills and stains. But it does not really mean you put up a stain-filled rug for displaying to your visitors. As soon as you notice a spill or a stain, clean the spot immediately with a mild cleaning solution or some soap and plain water. Do not rub in the spill as this tends to stain the spot permanently.

The best way to keep your rugs clean and looking great all the time would be to take them to a professional rug cleaning expert.

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4 Tips for Closet Organization – Just Try to Do It Yourself

Nothing in this world is more frustrating than early morning searching for a cloth you want to wear for the day. Your closet may be totally disorganized and that is the main reason why you are spending so much time trying to find resulting in anxiety, frustration and irritation. Some of the items which are kept in a closet are little expensive like your shoes, cloths and accessories. For this simple reason you need to ensure that you keep your closet bit organized. In order to keep your closet neat and clean please consider the following tips:-

1. One of the common problems any one faces when trying to organize a closet are the cloths. It becomes very difficult to get rid of cloth, even if we do not wear it; we keep it with us thinking that we can use it when we become slim. You can keep one simple rule for deciding whether you need to continue your clothes or should throw away. Any cloth which is not used for a period of six month need to be removed from your closet. Remove items which are worn out.

2. Second tip which is almost like the first one is that any cloths which do not fit you now need to be removed from the closet. Having a pair of jeans for many years thinking that you will one day fit in it is something not only silly, but also eats space inside your closet. You should learn the art of getting rid of things which you are no more using or wearing. For doing this you need to be ruthless and try to clear your clutter immediately.

3. In order to handle your closet in a more organized manner you can also arrange your cloth based on colors and pairs. It also makes sense if you group together cloths which are of similar type. For example you can group all the cotton clothes together and keep it inside your closet. You can also keep separately your formal cloths from your informal clothes. Similarly you can keep your weekend cloths separately from the one you are using regularly for office purpose.

4. Last but not the least tip is that you can organize your closet based on the season too. Remember you do not require wearing sleeveless clothes during the winter season. That time you need to remove this from the closet. You need to manage your closet based on the season and reason.

Applying these tips can really remove the stress caused by disorganized closet. It is really a time saver when you are able to find what you want when you want, and it is worth organizing your closet for that. The key to organize your closet is the effort to do it and secondly after doing it managing to maintain it.

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10 Safety Steps When Dealing With Water Damage

Imagine this scenario. You wake up at 7am to go to work and walk through your living room, only to hear, “squish, squish, squish” and see footprints left behind. The worst thing that could have happened overnight did… A pipe burst in your wall and has been leaking water for 8 hours, flooding your entire home and saturating carpet. What do you do?

Here are 10 quick and easy tips and safety steps to take when dealing with a flood or water damage disaster.

  1. If you are in a life threatening situation, call 911 immediately.
  2. Immediately leave any wet or flooded areas. Do not stand on wet ground.
  3. Ensure all people and animals in the building are safe and get them to dry ground.
  4. Ensure the structure is safe, if not, leave the building immediately.
  5. Turn off any electricity to the affected area, as long as it is safe to do so.
  6. Turn off the water supply at the meter, usually located in the front of the building.
  7. Turn off any natural gas supply lines.
  8. Call a local water damage restoration company to schedule immediate cleanup.
  9. Call your insurance adjuster to file a claim. Most water damage losses are covered by insurance.
  10. Set up any needed shelter, or contact a friend or family member for additional housing assistance.

If the structure is safe, after following the above steps, follow this short checklist to have ready for the water damage technician when they arrive.

Exterior Damage Checklist:

* Any missing or damaged roof shingles?
* Is there bent or missing flashing?
* Is there gutter damage?
* Is the chimney intact or damaged?
* Is the stucco stained or cracked and loose?
* Is the brick wet or stained?
* Are the siding boards intact, warped or loose?
* Are there signs of water intrusion through the windows?
* Are there signs of water intrusion through basement windows or window wells?

Attic Damage Checklist:

* Is any of the insulation wet or damaged?
* Are any of the vents damaged or missing?
* Do you see any daylight through the roof?
* Do HVAC ducts have condensation or is insulation wet?
* Are structural elements wet, rotting or warping?

Crawlspace / Basement Damage Checklist

* Are all of the foundation walls intact?
* Is the basement or crawl space dry or wet?
* Are the floors above the basement stained or dry?
* Is the ductwork dry and intact or stained or damaged?
* Is the furnace operating or water damaged?
* Is the water heater tipped over, disconnected from the service line or otherwise damaged?

Interior / Contents Damage Checklist

* What rooms are affected?
* Are the walls intact?
* Is the ceiling leaking?
* Is there water on the floor?
* Are any personal contents damaged?

By following these safety steps and checklists, you should be well prepared for any water damage emergency that may happen. If you have any questions, follow the link to our website below or follow us on twitter at @restoration365.

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3 Benefits of Non-Electric Carpet Sweepers

Thereis one item that is consistent with every individual and business owner that has carpet; it needs cleaning! It would be great if there was a “self cleaning” carpet just like an oven, unfortunately carpets need cleaning and they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The challenge for both residential homes and commercial buildings is getting carpets cleaned efficiently and without spending thousands of dollars on cleaning equipment. After all who wants to waste countless hours cleaning their carpets each week?

When you are considering a non-electric carpet sweeper there are many different aspects to explore. You have the opportunity to evaluate everything from specific features to the brand of carpet sweeper. While a detailed list of sweeper features, benefits, and price comparisons might have 50 different points to evaluate we invite you to consider these three items to help you decide which sweeper is best for your goals.

  1. Noise – When you are considering an electric vacuum versus non-electric carpet sweeper one of the items to consider is the amount of noise. If you have customers coming in to a place of business throughout the day you may not want to disturb them with a noisy machine. Even the quietest electric vacuums can be disturbing to someone when they are looking to make a purchase in a product or service. Non-electric carpet sweepers are extremely quiet as there mechanics are powerfully simply cleaning up dirt and dust with just your own power.
  2. Speed – There are times when someone spills crumbs, popcorn or spills paper shads and you just want to get them up quickly. Getting out a bulky vacuum, plugging it in, and finding the right attachment can waste valuable time. A non-electric carpet sweeper can be easily stored, grabbed quickly, and can clean up that mess that is driving you nuts. In just minutes you can clean up a mess that could have taken you over 15 minutes with a traditional vacuum.
  3. Cleaning Space – What area do you need to clean? Is it a tight space? Is a long haul way? A non-electric carpet sweeper allows you to clean tight spaces and even long haul ways easily. With a low profile and wide cleaning surface you can get your surface area cleaned easily.

When considering a non-electric carpet sweeper for your cleaning needs consider the benefits of being quiet, cleaning quickly, and how it can clean in tight spaces. With these powerful features in mind you will be able to decide if a sweeper is better for your goals than a traditional vacuum.

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12 Things to Get Rid of Today

Spring has arrived and that means houses around the country are getting a good old-fashioned spring cleaning. Don’t just be amazed at how many “things” and how much “stuff” crowds your closets, drawers, and open spaces throughout your home. Make the best use of your storage spaces by donating, recycling, or tossing items that are never used, old and broken. Here’s a list of items to tackle this spring with the help of Family Circle.

The Utensil Drawer

If your utensil drawer is looking more like your junk drawer, it’s time to corral all those wayward knives, forks, and spoons. Take an inventory of your utensils. Are there duplicates that never get used such as can openers or serving spoons? Many times when we buy new utensils we just add them to our current inventory without taking the time to donate or toss old ones. If you own way more spatulas or serving spoons than you need, donate them to your local soup kitchen.

Coffee Cups

Coffee cups and mugs tend to take up valuable cabinet space. If you reach for the same mug each morning, or only use one fancy coffee cup set for when entertaining, scale down your collection.

Plastic Storage Containers

Trying to find a container and its matching lid can be as frustrating as trying to match up pairs of socks. Make the task easier by keeping only a few of each size container and recycling the rest. Before delegating them to the recycling bin, think about using containers around the house for storage. They make great holders for crayons, paper clips, rubber bands, and any other small items that tend to get lost.

Little or Never-Used Kitchen Gadgets

Many kitchens in the U.S. are stocked with novelty kitchen tools or gadgets that rarely if ever get used. If you’ve only used your waffle maker once or never got around to putting your fruit and vegetable juicer to good use, ask friends or family if they can make better use of them.


Flowers are always a welcome gift. Over time, anniversaries, birthdays, and Valentine’s Day result in a collection of vases. If you’re not sure what to do with extra vases, give them back to your local florist to be reused.

Pantry Purge

This spring make a point to clean out your pantry. Clear the shelves and take an inventory of the items you have. Check the expiration dates. Keep an eye on foods that are soon to expire and think of ways to use them for upcoming meals. If you bought the wrong item or know you won’t be using an item, donate it to your local food pantry.

Magazines and Catalogs

Even with the convenience of digital magazine subscriptions and online shopping, hard copies of magazines and catalogs probably still crowd your coffee table and bedroom night stand. Recycle what you’ve already read and tear out pictures of articles you want to keep.


Books are wonderful items to collect and a wall of neatly arranged books makes a great decorative impact. Keep your favorite books and donate the others to local schools or organizations.

Clothes Closet

Gain valuable space in your clothes closet by donating any items in good condition that no longer fit or items given to you as a gift that you know you’ll never wear.


If you frequently upgrade your electronic devices, you probably have a collection of USB cords, power cords, and other electronic equipment. Ask around your local community if organizations can use your equipment. If you do dispose of broken or outdated electrical equipment, be sure to visit the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website to learn how to properly dispose of your equipment.


Need extra space in your linen closet? Retire worn or ripped towels or sheet. According to Family Circle, a general rule of thumb is to keep two sets of sheets per bed.


Donating toys to underprivileged children gives you the extra space you need and teaches your children a valuable lesson about sharing their belongings with the less fortunate.


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10 Reasons Why Should Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service to Clean Your Carpets

Carpets add a lot of visual beauty to your space. Besides making your space look stylish, carpets also keep your home warm and reduce your heating bills. While attractive carpets can enhance the look of your room, an untidy carpet can single-handedly ruin the ambiance and appearance of the entire space. In order to ensure that the carpets influence your space positively, you need to get them cleaned by a professional cleaning service at least once in six months. Here are 10 reasons why.

Thorough job

Being professionals, the personnel from the cleaning service do a much thorough job of cleaning your carpets inside out. No inch of the carpet suffers from lack of cleaning.


The delicateness of carpets varies depending on their material and make. For instance, olefin carpets, tufted carpets and nylon carpets are tough. Natural wool or silk carpets are delicate. So, the process of cleaning them varies. Wrong methods can damage fibers in the carpet and reduce its longevity. Professionals are aware of these nuances and can clean your carpets without damaging them.

Precise cleaning methods

Carpet cleaning is a precise science. The proportions in which cleaning detergents are mixed, the pressure and power while steaming, and several other such requisites need to be followed while cleaning carpets. Professionals keep enhancing their knowledge and are equipped to use precise cleaning methods. Moreover, they own the right machinery for the job.

Apt treatment for different kinds of stains

Different stains need to be treated differently depending on their penetration and stubbornness. If you try and get rid of stubborn stains by using excessively concentrated solutions, your carpet can be seriously damaged. Professionals tackle stains individually and get them off the surface.

Steam wash

Steam wash, if not done right, can ruin the carpet and make it moldy. However, steaming is necessary in order to flush out dirt hidden deep in the fibers. It is best to leave the job to professionals.

Furniture safety

Thorough cleaning of carpets requires moving the furniture and other articles in the space. Professionals are trained to move these objects safely. They also dismantle and reassemble things if needed.

Complete sanitization

Cleaning a carpet is not all about getting rid of the dirt. You need to get rid of small mites, bugs and pests that could be stuck to the carpet fibers. If you have pets, you are sure to have such problems. Complete sanitization is crucial for the wellbeing of residents. Professionals do a thorough sanitization job.

Save time and effort

Hire a professional service and use your time for better things. Spend a great weekend with your family instead of slogging with cleaning detergents and tools. Moreover, professionals finish the job sooner and you have a good chunk of weekend available to have fun.

Results that lasts longer

Since professional cleaners do a thorough job, results of the cleaning last longer. Thorough cleaning once in six months is sufficient to keep the carpet looking good.

Green cleaning methods

In the recent times, several companies have adapted to green cleaning methods. These methods are not only good for the environment, but also great for your health. However, the process requires special skills and professionals are best at it.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is definitely worth it.

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3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Now, with a title like 3 ways to extend the life of your carpet, I have little doubt that readers will be stumbling over themselves to click the button to read this article. Afterall who couldn’t stand to extend the life of anything in their home, or really just about anything at all? Alright, so I know carpet cleaning may not be the most electric of topics, but it is still worthy of our attention. So, let’s give it some attention by giving attention to your carpets. I hope that makes sense!

The first tip we are going to look at is age-old, and honestly one of my favourites!

1. Vacuum your carpet!

A lot may be said about whether or not you like or love to vacuum your carpets. The fact of the matter is that I kind of like it. I understand that I may not be in the majority of people there, but so be it. We all have our peculiar likes and dislikes. But here’s why everyone should vacuum (REGULARLY):

Vacuuming your carpet cleans up dust, tiny dirt particles, vegetable fibres, etc. First of all these nasty particles can cause allergic reactions and can actually reduce the quality of your (and your family’s) wellbeing! That’s just true. Secondly, if you wait too long, those particles will sift their way down through your carpet to the base, where they will get stuck. If you ask me, that basically means that they will permanently damage your carpet. So, just vacuum it at least once a week!

2. Spot cleaning

I doubt that there is anyone, but those unconcerned with ever having guests, who don’t care about stains on their carpets. They look terrible, and make you look like you won’t be able to afford dinner tomorrow night! The rule here is really quite simple: try to take care of stains and tough spots ASAP. Don’t save that for tomorrow. Remember to blot before your rub or scrub and consider getting a good carpet cleaning product to help with the spill.

3. Get a professional to come in sometimes.

I don’t know about you but I am big on professionals! There are some people in this world who are experts at certain things. I say let them do their job! So, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to come and clean your carpet every so often. I would say once a year, but the final call is up to you. This will ensure that your carpet lasts longer and looks a little nicer for your guests.

I hope these carpet care tips have been helpful for you. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

Also, feel free to check out my blog and get in touch with me there. I have Victoria BC carpet cleaning [] blog. You’re more than free to come check it out!

All the best in your life and in taking care of your carpet (and home).