January 2018


4 Super Reasons to Declutter and Organize Your Home

When you declutter, organize and bring your home in line with your plan or dream, 4 great benefits show up almost automatically.

Have you ever thought that decluttering could help you save serious money, reduce troublesome stress levels, ratchet up your productivity, and in a word lift your spirits and self-esteem? It can, and, so to speak, will bring a fuller package of benefits than you might have imagined.

Reduce Stress and Raise Your Health

Your outer world is most often a reflection of your inner “world” which means that a cluttered home can lead to excessive levels of stress. How can this happen? In several ways actually, including:

Shame– you may begin avoiding having company because you are embarrassed about the state of your home.

Reminders– all the tangled stuff is a continual reminder of things you need to get done and haven’t.

Activities– your favorite activities become harder to enjoy, as there is no room!

Clutter overloads the brain and emotions. So when you declutter, your mental and physical health systems sigh with relief and surge with energy. This is because the brain’s stress alert system goes off red alert and stops pumping in too many hormones.

Save Serious Money

Do you shop to forget about your problems? If shopping makes you feel better about living, you may find your home too full of clutter fast.

Then there’s the lost or misplaced items that you are constantly repurchasing and/or duplicating. When you get through the cleaning process, don’t be surprised to find multiple rolls of tape, keys, money, shoes, tools, pens and a hundred other lost items.

Tip: As you toss duplicate and other needless items into your declutter, organize and clean hopper, make a list of the serious money you’ll be saving in the future.

Increase Productivity

Want to gain a year in your life? NAPO reports the average American spends this much time looking for lost objects in his or her life!

Do you work from an office in your house? When you regularly have to struggle to find things such as scattered pens or even buried credit cards, for example, or search through or rearrange piles of paper, the process not only wastes time, but diverts your focus from your prime task and can eventually make you feel you’re not fully professional.

Don’t have a home office? Imagine, for example, how much easier a day of doing laundry is when organizing your soaps and cleaning supplies means you can locate things immediately. Multiply that by other areas, such as your kitchen pantry, garage or the dreaded bedroom closet, and you can see what rich by-products decluttering brings.

Elevate Self Esteem

Do you want an instant self-esteem boost? Then declutter, organize and simplify where you live! You’ll feel better about yourself as it all comes together. A sense of accomplishment, relief, and joy almost always follows. You’ll also be more able to relax in your surroundings when you are not tripping over toys, shoes and other common clutter.

Final Thoughts

When you declutter, organize and, so to speak, physically love the home you live in, you’ll feel more confident and mentally vibrant, likely save some serious money, and get more done with less effort. Of course, your home will look great, too!

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Steve B. Brown, Ph.D., is a retired research professor. Steve started as a free resource for others who wanted to feature speed and simplicity when decluttering and organizing their homes.

23 House Cleaning Hacks

Do you feel like the chores around your house seem to take forever to finish? If you feel like you’ve lost hours on house cleaning tasks, then you’ve come to the right place. A lot of the best house cleaning hacks involve simple household items and will take only a few minutes to complete. Read through some of the following suggestions and improve your routine.

1. Clean your chopping board without chemicals by using kosher salt and lemons.

2. Save money on expensive products by cleaning your oven with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

3. Got paint on your clothes during your latest renovation or child’s art project? Simply remove it with a razor!

4. Wash your blinds with a 50-50 mixture of water and vinegar. Wipe the mixture away with an old sock.

5. You can use your hairdryer to remove water rings from wooden surfaces and refresh them by buffing with olive oil.

6. Remove oil stains from your carpet with baking soda.

7. Rubbing lemons on your faucets can help to remove set in water stains.

8. Old food caked on your iron pots and pans? Clean them with a sea salt scrub.

9. Cream of tartar works as a great stainless steel appliance cleaner.

10. Rub some chalk on grease stains on your clothes before you put them in the washing machines. It will help lift the stains more easily.

11. You can use an old toothbrush to help get crumbs and dust out from in between the keys on your keyboard.

12. You can use rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth to remove nail polish stains from carpets.

13. Get all the gross debris out of your cheese grater by grating raw chunks of potato.

14. You can use a squeegee to remove fuzz and pesky animal hair from your carpet.

15. Ever notice the gross burn marks on your straightener or curling iron? You can get rid of them by cleaning with steel wool.

16. You can use a ball of aluminum foil and some dish soap to scrub glass dishes.

17. Rolling some play dough over glitter is easy way to pick it up after other methods have failed.

18. You can use soda to get rid of grease stains on your garage floor.

19. Make your coffee grinder smell free by grinding some uncooked white rice in it.

20. Pick up broken glass by pressing a piece of bread onto the area it broke over.

21. Get your money’s worth out of your lint roller by using it to remove dust from your lamps.

22. Coffee filters can be used to dust computer monitors, TVs, and other screens.

23. Newspapers will absorb smells in the fridge.

Hopefully, you can get some use out of these house cleaning hacks! Even saving the smallest amount of time on chores means adding valuable minutes to the activities you enjoy.

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3 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your House Windows

Cleaning residential windows is a tough chore. Since doing this is already a hard chore, making certain mistakes when doing this job can even make the process doubly difficult.

Below are the top mistakes you can make when you decide to clean your home windows on your own or with other family members:

1. Cleaning windows under the wrong weather conditions.

Even though your windows really need a good washing now, you still have to consider the current weather condition before doing this chore. Many people think that a sunny weather is the best time to clean windows; unfortunately, this is wrong. When you do this chore under the bright sun, you won’t get to avoid smudges because the cleaning solution will dry too quickly.

Cleaning these fixtures when it’s raining is not only unsafe but practically useless as well. This is because rain water quickly pollutes windows with streaks and stains. As such, wait for the best time to clean your windows. The ideal time to do this chore is when there is no forecast for rain but the sun isn’t too shining brightly.

2. Failing to remove deposits and debris before cleaning the windows.

Before taking on this chore, you need to remove any bird droppings or other deposits and debris that have accumulated on the windows. By doing so, you will avoid wasting a lot of time, effort, and cleaning product trying to get rid of them while cleaning the windows. To remove deposits and stuck debris, use a scrapper. For more stubborn ones, you may need to use a spray to help loosen them from the window. After spraying the debris and deposits, you can use a paper towel to wipe them off.

3. Utilizing the wrong materials for this chore.

Lastly, when cleaning your windows, you’re bound to deal with a lot of muck. When you use paper towels and lint-based cloths for wiping your windows, you’ll end up leaving behind fibers all over the glass, causing people to question if your windows were ever cleaned at all. Avoid using newspapers as well since they contain a lot of toxins from the ink and that ink is going to end up all over your hands while using them. Utilizing certain products that contain harsh chemical solutions can also counteract all of your hard work since they can actually attract more debris post-cleaning. As such, use non-toxic solutions or better yet, make your own cleaning product by mixing water and lemon juice together.

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3 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned is one of the best options to keep it fresh and in great condition. Unfortunately, doing this can be quite a challenge at first, especially if you are looking for a carpet cleaner for the first time. With the many professional cleaner options available, you can end up with a mediocre cleaning company offering mediocre results.

If you are about to look for a professional carpet cleaning company then check out these must-ask questions for potential candidates. You should take extra care when looking for a cleaning company as it can mean the difference between a great or unsatisfactory experience. Here are three questions that you must ask before making any hiring decisions of your own.

· Do You Handle Different Kinds of Carpets – This is the question to ask if you have the kind of carpet that requires extra care. There are some carpet types that are sensitive to chemicals while some need to be cleaned in a very particular way. Asking the potential candidates that you have will let you know if any one of them are capable of cleaning the kind of carpet that you have. Not asking this can lead to you hiring someone who won’t get the job done right, to the detriment, of course, of your carpet.

· Do You Have a Money-Back Guarantee – This is a great question to ask especially if you are looking for professional cleaners for the first time. Many cleaners offer a money back guarantee which means that they will be returning your money if the results are less than satisfactory. If they leave with your carpet still dirty and soiled then you at least get back the money you paid them. This is a nice option for those who are hiring cleaners for the first time. It will give you a sense of assurance that you will not be spending money on poor results.

· What Services Do You Offer – There are different ways to clean carpet and some carpet cleaning companies do it all. If you are hiring a professional cleaner, it is always best to know what their capabilities are as well as what specific services they can render. This will help you assess if they can handle the job or jobs that you have for them.

These questions, along with any other ones that you feel necessary, need to be asked of each potential hire. They will help you select the right carpet cleaner for your specific carpet cleaning needs.

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10 Steps to Organize Your Clothing Closet

A place which is visited on a regular at least daily once need to be maintained very neat and tidy. A clothing closet if not maintained well will be a nightmare for anyone. It is so frustrating that early in the morning you go near your closet and open the door all the cloth falls on you. You are already late for your meeting and have a business meeting with your boss and trying to look for your favorite lucky dress that you want to wear, but you are not able to locate it when you wanted. Just imagine how this small thing ruins your entire day.

With a little effort from your side with a little more investment of your personal time you can get your clothing closet in shape.

1. Remove all the clothes from your closet and make it literally empty.

2. Categorize all the clothes taken out into three types. First category is the clothes which fit you perfectly, second category are clothes which can fit you with little effort like doing regular exercises and making yourself trim, and third category is cannot be used as you have grown and will never fit you.

3. Gift, donate or throw the clothes which you are confident that it cannot fit even after doing exercise.

4. Keep the clothes separately in a box which you feel can be used after a little bit of exercise which can make you little slim.

5. The clothes which fit you can be further divided into regular clothes and special clothes. Special clothes are nothing but clothes which you wear during occasions or during a specific season like winter clothes etc.

6. You will still find some residual items from your closet which are not supposed to be there. Remove these items and keep them at appropriate places and ensure your clothing closet is strictly for clothes.

7. Keep the special occasion cloth in an area of closet which you do not regularly use. This will help you not to disturb these clothes as they are required only during specific occasions.

8. Fold all your regular usable clothes neatly and keep it in the centre of your closet. This is the area generally you use very frequently. Ensure your closet has the right amount of space and do not try to stuff clothes inside.

9. clothes which need to be kept on the hanger need to be placed neatly.

10. If possible the clothes which you are regularly using can be again grouped together with its pair or grouped together with its color. This way you need not spend time to search on the matching cloth which you need to wear.

Once you have organized your clothing closet, you will suddenly find that life has become simple in the mornings when you open your closet and find just exactly what you wanted in front of you. This will not only energize your morning but will last for the whole day.

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4 Factors About A Good Cleaner

All cleaning services no matter how great or small should be able to offer customers an efficient and reliable service, being able to be put in touch with one point of contact who will gladly work with you to make sure your exact needs are catered for.

They should understand the value of flexibility which is why their team are able to respond to changes in circumstances and emergency situations right away. There’s nothing worse than not being able to get help when you need it any new cleaner should be able to offer an immediate solution to immediate cleaning problems.

In particular, here’s a few specific factors you’ll need to drill-down and look into with any proposed cleaning company:

1. Competitive on price. Make sure they are not only the best in your local but we also offer the best price and if you can find a like for like cleaning service then they’ll do their level best to beat that price. Also, that they’re flexible on payment methods and if you have a preferred business contract in mind then simply let them know and make sure they’ll aim to deliver a service and price to suit you. If you’re still not sure then just ask them for a no-obligation estimate and quote just to put your mind at ease.

2. Putting the customer first. However you need to accommodate a cleaning project is your choice ant cleaner should be more than happy to work to your schedule to ensure they’re in and out with the minimum of bother. Make sure that you’re rest assured that all of their professional staff have undergone industry-standard vetting as well as being trained in health and safety procedures and risk assessments. They should be happy to help you and listen to what you have in mind when it comes to your busy working life.

3. Service guarantee. They should be confident as to results that if you’re not happy with the end product within 48hrs of cleaning taking place, they’ll refund all costs with no questions asked. This is not a guarantee that most companies would be prepared to make however, through experience and attention to detail they should know that they’re able to back up their claims with the very best cleaning service available in your local area.

4. Friendly and efficient. They consider the right attitude starts and finishes with customer satisfaction and as all of their cleaners are presentable, professional and friendly they’re sure you’ll experience a more than satisfactory all-round outcome to your cleaning needs. It doesn’t matter which job you’re doing, as long as you do it well you’ll be guaranteed to see results, which is why they should value their staff extremely highly and know that you’ll feel the same way too.

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