February 2018


3 Amazing Tips For Removing Carpet Stains

I bet we’ve all lived through the slow motion movie scene at one time or another. You know, the one where something horrible and messy goes hurling through the air towards your carpet.

Your first instinct is to throw your body in the direction of the airborne liquid, hoping to somehow block its fall. When that doesn’t work, you either cry or hit the Internet looking for removing carpet stains. Thanks goodness your search landed you here.

Below are 3 amazing tips for removing carpet stains or at least pre-treating the stains until you can get a professional out to do a thorough job:

Tip #1 Red wine spills – immediately pour white wine on it. No kidding! My carpet cleaning professional told me this trick. Apparently, the sugar in the white wine neutralizes the stain.

Tip #2 Pet urine – first, dab, don’t scrub, with paper towels to absorb all the moisture. Then using a sponge, apply vinegar, sprinkle baking soda and let it dry. Lastly, vacuum up all the baking soda.

Tip #3 Blood stains – first call 911 (if necessary). Then pull out the hydrogen peroxide. It cleans a cut, right? It also cleans carpets. Note, only use peroxide on light colored carpets. Test a small area under your couch or in a well concealed corner, by dabbing the peroxide or with a cotton swab. After about 15 minutes or so, if the color of the carpet does not bleach, then apply the peroxide in the same manner to the blood stain.

Keep in mind, these are quick and temporary fixes. These stain or spot treating measures will only treat the surface carpet fibers. You definitely need to have a certified professional carpet cleaner in as soon as possible to have your carpet steam cleaned.

Only powerful, high temperature, steam of commercial cleaners can clean down to the padding to protect the look and feel of your carpets.

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3 Top Tips For Healthy Household Cleaning

We spend more time indoors in today’s society than we ever have and much of this is spent at home. It’s important therefore that we keep our homes as safe and healthy places for ourselves and our families.

Many people are unaware that when they are cleaning their homes they might not be doing it in the safest and healthiest way possible. For example, many of the chemical household cleaning products that are available in most shops can be dangerous if used without thought.

Here are 3 top tips for healthier household cleaning:

  1. Use natural products where possible as often they are as effective as chemical products but they do not have the same health risks. Many common natural ingredients that were used to clean by our grandparents are now being used again due to their effectiveness. These include white vinegar, lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda. It is a common misconception that you need chemicals to kill germs and many of these natural products will keep your home as safe from germs as the chemicals.
  2. Rather than using bleach products on mold which just bleach the color of the mold so we don’t see it any more rather than get rid of it you could try using micro-fibre products. These products are designed to reach into he pores of any surface and remove the mold spores so that they do not grow back as fast next time. If using bleach you do not kill or remove the spores and so they will continue to multiply which can have detrimental heath effects.
  3. Make sure you air your house on a regular basis as many modern carpets and furniture are made of materials that emit gases and when these are allowed to build up over time they can start to affect the respiratory systems. Many modern homes are sealed tight with double glazing that is rarely opened and the houses are heated heavily during the winter months which only adds to the problem. It is therefore important to open the windows on a regular basis to let the fresh air in and the stale and possibly chemical filled air out.

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3 Common Benefits of Hiring Professional House Cleaning Services

You along with your spouse are working professionals and thus, cannot pay attention to the housework due to several other commitments. This is something that most of you would relate to as the busy lives we often lead makes us keep household chores aloof and give it a back seat. What we do not realise is that the basic cleanliness of our house is what helps us live in a healthy way.

A dirty floor with dust, food particles, etc. can attract harmful pests, germs, fungi, bacteria, etc. and that could take a toll on our health. Having pets and children around the house makes it even more vulnerable as they are prone to attracting diseases and health ailments faster than adults. Ignoring them isn’t the solution but having professionals to come over and help you out with it can be a solution. The agencies who have professionals as a part of their team to assist the common people are experience and reliable to take care of household chores and perform it by the clients’ way of doing it. There are several ways that you can benefit from a professional team of cleaners helping you with your household work.

• Lets you prioritise your commitments – You as a human being are tied to several responsibilities where you need to commit yourself to your professional as well as your personal life. While cleaners are coming over to take care of the cleanliness of the house, you get to give time to your children and your spouse along with taking care of other chores in the house. You do not have to spend time in getting things and places clean and dedicate the time to some other priority.

• Allows you to lead a healthy lifestyle – While the professionals use the best cleaning accessories along with sanitisers, they ensure that your house is germ-free. This enables you to lead a healthy lifestyle where you and your children breathe fresh and clean air and not get contaminated with diseases. The areas like the floor, washrooms, kitchen area, etc. attract bacteria which is harmful to you as well as the people around you. They make sure that these areas are sanitised and taken care of not to let the bacteria spread.

• Customised cleaning procedures – As it is your house and you set the rules for it, the same applies to the cleaners as well. While the professional cleaners come over, they ensure the fact that you have briefed them on the way they should work. Their service is professional, but they make sure that it is customised according to your needs. The experience that they contain lets you have the best experience while they finish with the cleaning procedure.

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4 Benefits of Hiring Residential Cleaning Professionals

Given the priorities and responsibilities that we need to attend to on a daily basis, we often ignore the fact that it is also our responsibility to keep our house clean. A clean house not only contributes to the visual appeal but also contributes to keeping you and your family members healthy. A house gets dirty due to various reasons like pollution, performance of tasks in the kitchen or the bathroom and therefore adding up to the dirt accumulation. There are furniture, carpets, upholstery and several other areas that too require attention and cleaning to keep you healthy and safe from diseases and contaminants.

With the daily commitments that we attend to and simultaneously not paying attention to the cleaning process, there are professionals who can help us solve our cleaning issues with ease and thus saving time to attend to other chores. You would find several professionals around you would help you out with the cleaning and here are a few benefits you could consider while they come over.

• High-quality cleaning equipment – As it is their business and are professionals, they would ensure that the equipment that they use to clean your house if of the best quality. Starting from the cleaning liquids to the machines that they would use, all of it is of industrial standards to give the best cleaning results.

• Saves your time – While they come over to your house to help you with the cleaning procedure, you get to save your time and pay attention to other commitments and chores. They would continue with their tasks and not disturb you with anything after you have instructed them on the areas that require cleaning. You can customise their time of arrival and not panic while they come over.

• Customised cleaning services – Even though they are professionals, they would come to you for your personalised instructions. You may need their help only for a particular area for cleaning and thus instructing them accordingly would help you have the results accordingly. They would use their cleaning methods but only after you have approved of it.

• Easy on the pocket – While you plan to purchase high-grade cleaning equipment for your house, you get to spend a lot as they are highly priced than the rest as they are known to be effective for cleaning. While you hire these professionals for help, the services they would provide and the charges that they would take would be comparatively lesser with the same results from both.

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3 Reasons to Choose Non-Toxic Household Cleaners

1. Health Risks from Exposure

Most household cleaners in use today are made from petroleum-based solvents. As these solvents decompose they emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause headaches, dizziness, irritability, confusion, and irritation to the eyes, nose, throat and skin in even the smallest doses. Research has proven a correlation in cancer and prolonged exposure to these volatile organic compounds. Additionally, these cleaners and some plastics contain phalates. Phalates are chemicals are known hormone disruptors that can even be found in our drinking water.

When you are exposed to these chemicals it is incredibly taxing on your body’s immune system. By switching to non-toxic household cleaners you reduce the stress to your body’s immune system and free it to detoxify the body and use energy more efficiently for healing. For example, when you use toxic laundry detergents and fabric softeners to wash your clothes and sheets, you are exposing your body to noxious chemicals even when you are asleep and the body should be at rest. Additionally many of these chemicals place stress on neurological development in children and can even cause severe damage in adults. This can be prevented by switching to non-toxic household cleaners.

2. Accidental Poisoning

In addition to latent exposure to harmful chemicals, using petroleum-based cleaners also puts your children at risk of accidental poisoning if ingested. The EPA claims that hazardous cleaning products are the second most common source of poisonings in children. Over 80,000 children are hospitalized each year for ingesting household cleaners and an average of 39 children under the age of 5 lose their lives to chemical poisoning. Even adults have been treated for accidentally inhaling fumes from cleaners such as dishwasher detergent. It is not enough to switch to biodegradable and environmentally safe cleaners, they need to be human-safe as well. This means that if they are accidentally ingested they will not cause bodily harm.

3. Environmental Pollution

When you clean your sink with a toxic chemical it is usually rinsed down the drain and into our water system. Many people don’t realize the water that goes through our drainage systems is recycled and pumped back to us to be re-used in our showers and drinking water. The water does pass through purification plants, but no plant is able to completely remove unsafe toxins. By switching to non-toxic cleaners and persuading your friends to do the same, you are doing your part to reduce your community’s chemical exposure and improve our environmental health.

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3 Common Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaning

The carpet cleaning industry has been around for many years providing a valuable service for both domestic and commercial properties. Better-serving companies have grown in their size due to the fact that it is a much-needed service. Throughout the years, however, there have been many misconceptions that have been formed about the trade.

It is commonly understood that the service has come on leaps and bounds recently. This can be due to the developments in product formulations as well as the powerful machinery developed that enables the process. Either way, dirty or stained carpets are no longer the problem that they might once have been. The provision has essentially offered a solution to expensive replacement.

The following information has been put together in order to offer an insight into three of the most common misconceptions. The purpose of which is to offer detail that will leave individuals empowered with the correct information.

The first misconception deals with the fact that carpet cleaning products are thought to be unfriendly to the environment. This is not true as there are many carpet cleaning products that have been specifically formulated to be friendly to the environment. These products have also been created to be powerful enough to offer a superior clean and to be soft enough not to damage the carpet fibres.

Environmentally friendly products are particularly important for this trade as the areas that are being cleaned are usually used by children and pets. This therefore provides another reason as to why product ingredients are vital.

The second misconception considers the thought that professionally cleaned carpets will re-soil quicker. Many people believe that once your carpets have been cleaned that they will likely become dirtier quicker. Some even believe that residue is left on the carpets so that the service is required on a more regular basis. This is absolutely not true and provides evidence of why it is so important to find a local and reputable carpet cleaner to complete the work. This offers assurance in so many aspects and will mean that you have the confidence in your chosen representative.

When carpet cleaning products are applied to any carpet they need to be thoroughly rinsed. If residue or product is left on the carpet fibres then this will rapidly attract particles and dirt. Best-served companies use powerful machinery that quickly and efficiently rinses the carpet once the cleaning products have been applied. Your carpets are left thoroughly rinsed and hygienically clean.

The third misconception deals with the fact that professional carpet cleaning services are believed to be expensive. Once again, part of a solution to this issue is time invested in identifying a professional company with a positive local reputation. Pricing for the work should be transparent. An important consideration at this point is to remember that the lowest priced quote is not always the best option. A superior service may be reflected slightly in the price. To achieve the best service the correct machinery should be used with the best-available products. Overall this will offer true value for money.

The above information offers an insight into the value that the carpet cleaning trade provides to customers. It casts aside three of the most common misconceptions and allows the true information to prevail.

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