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10 Carpet Cleaning Secrets You Must Know

As popular as carpets are in decorating home spaces, they also add a style quotient in the rooms where they are placed by enhancing the space and texture. Apart from adding the style to the room, carpets are hugely ornamental in the interior design of the space in relation to the furniture.

As precious and appreciated carpets are, unfortunately, they are also victims to dirt, spills, tear and wear. It is a plight, for the owner, to witness their favorite carpet undergo such unavoidable atrocities, and thus, it is important to understand secrets from the carpet cleaning pros, that help in maintaining that piece of decor ever so clean and admirable!

1. Avoid rubbing stains – The pros vouch for this technique! Blot cleaning the stains helps lighten the marks while rubbing the stain may cause it to go deeper into the fiber of the carpet. Blot with a mild pressure using a wet towel cloth.

2. The magic of vinegar and soda – Blotting the stains of wine and beer with soda works wonders. However, you can add one portion of white vinegar with water and spray on the surface with stains. Let it soak and blot with a towel cloth. Rinsing with warm water thereafter is highly recommended.

3. The shaving cream wonder – Top cleaning experts claim that rubbing a shaving cream can help remove almost any stain. Let the shaving cream sit on a stain for a while and blot it away with a dry cloth.

4. The dreaded gum! – How heartbreaking when you accidentally spill a gum on the carpet and it sticks there! Worry not, experts say let it dry at its position and easily remove it with an ice-cube!

5. Grease with ease! – Dishwasher liquid can be used to remove stubborn grease marks, mix a few drops with water and spray over the grease, and blot it away with utmost ease.

6. Candle wax on carpets – Do not dread that dripping candle on your carpet, the wax can be removed by placing a cloth over wax stain and heating it with an iron. Heating the wax helps it to be easily scraped off the surface. Do not directly use the iron on the carpet and do not heat for more than 30 seconds.

7. Blood stains – Blood stains are as painful as the cuts that caused them. Do not worry. Mix a portion of water and detergent and scrape out as much as you can. If the stains persist, use hydrogen peroxide on the stain- it foams up and then it can be blotted away with a cloth, leaving your carpet clean.

8. Pet stains – As adored and trained our pets are, accidents can happen. Only organic cleaners should be used with sufficient scrubbing to do away with the stains and smells.

9. Candy crushed at a wrong place? – Do not fret. Scrape off the candy with a butter knife and gently scrub the area with a mild liquid detergent and water. However, do it urgently to avoid dirt and debris. Blot dry with towels.

10. Maintain hygiene by regular cleaning – Clean the carpets with a vacuum cleaner regularly to avoid dirt settling in the deep strands.

Adore your carpets and get admiration from visitors all the time with these great and simple hacks! Happy cleaning!

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3 Ways To Know You Have A Water Damage Problem – Let a Water Damage Company Fix Your Water Issues!

Water damage is one of those problems that can spiral out of control when it goes unnoticed. The sooner you detect an issue like this, the less damage your home will undergo and the less money you will have to spend fixing it. There are 3 ways to know you have a water damage problem. Being aware of them could make a big difference when hiring a water restoration company or doing it yourself.

Signs of wet stains is the first of 3 ways to know you have a problem with water. If your home begins to suffer from this pesky issue, you will find indicators of it in various places. The most common places that wetness occur are in windows, doors, flooring, and the ceiling. Regularly check your hardwood floors for evenness. Lift rugs to check floors thoroughly. When wood floors suffer from water damage they begin to warp and buckle.

If you have noticed warped flooring or discoloring on any of the flooring in your home, the culprit may be an appliance – another one of 3 ways to know you have a water damage problem. Inspect the areas around things like your washing machine, the dishwasher, and refrigerator. It is common for these items to spring leaks from time to time, but you may not know until it is too late, which is why you should always check your appliance for leaks on a monthly basis.

If you are going on vacation make sure you cut the water supply off to your home. Many times floods occur when you are away from home. It would be tragic to come home to a house full of water and your priceless belongings destroyed due to a leaking toilet or water heater.

Water stains on your window and door frames can be an indicator that water is leaking into your house from outside. Also inspect ceilings for spots, which show signs of wetness, especially where the ceiling joins to an exterior wall. A ceiling stain probably means your roof is leaking and needs immediate attention.

While you are checking around for wetness, don’t forget the bathroom. This is the third of 3 ways to know you have a water damage problem. Things like the sink, toilet, and tub or shower may be leaking in places not easily visible. Do a thorough inspection of underneath the sink to ensure there are no leaky pipes causing problems. Check behind and around the base of the toilet.

Finally, make sure that the area in front of the shower or tub is properly protected. This space can easily succumb to leaking with all the splashing and dripping water from day-to-day use. Make sure that shower curtains and doors close and seal properly, and invest in a bathroom mat to absorb excess dripping.

The key to all 3 ways to know you have a water damage problem is regular inspections. The more regularly you check problem areas, the more likely you are to catch a leak at its beginning.

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10 Carpet Cleaning Tips

The tips given in this article, if implemented, will help you clean your carpets the right way. They will help you protect your carpet fibers from extreme wear and tear. As result, they will stand the test of time. Let’s check 10 tips that can help you out.

Regular vacuuming

If you don’t have a busy schedule, you can vacuum on a weekly basis. However, if you have kids and pets, make sure you vacuum on a daily basis. This practice will keep your carpets in great condition as they won’t have soil and dust on them. These two elements are responsible for destroying the carpet fiber.

Dealing with spills

If you have no homemade stain remover, you can use paper towels to deal with the spills.


Rubbing the stains will make it harder for you to remove them later on. Therefore, make sure you blot them as soon as you can. Vigorous rubbing will spread the stains further.

Removing Candle wax

Another element that may cause wear and tear is the candle wax. It’s not a good idea to use scissors to remove the colored wax. Instead, you should use a blunt knife to remove the wax. Alternatively, you can place some paper towels on the wax and then run an iron over it. That’s the easiest way of dealing with the candle wax.

Stain remover

You can make your own stain remover. For instance, you can use a mixture of white vinegar and baking powder. Professional carpet cleaners sell stain removers that are safe and effective. Make sure you use a good quality product.

Excessive use of water

If you want to rent a cleaning machine, make sure you don’t use too much water. It’s better if you use water sparingly. Proper ventilation is also required. Carpets that are too wet tend to shrink and produce terrible odor.

Quality mats

Do you take your shoes off before entering your house? If you don’t, make sure you place good quality mats outside your main doors. Although it is a simple practice, it will keep your carpets safe from dirt and grime.

Fiber identification

Generally, synthetic carpets are stronger than the rugs, oriental or wool carpets. If you own wool-based carpets, we suggest that you don’t use a rental machine or rug doctor. This practice may cause a good deal of damage to your carpets.

Professional cleaning

If you have your carpets cleaned by a professional, you can extend their lifespan in addition to save yourself a lot of money. Moreover, professional cleaning will make your carpets look great at all times. Regular cleaning will also improve the quality of air in your house.

Carpet protector

With quality carpet protectors, you can protect your rugs against the stains and spills. They will also make it easier for you to remove stains. In addition, protectors will make it easier for you to keep dry soil away from the fibers.

In short, if you want to protect your carpets and clean them the right way, make sure you follow the tips given in this article.

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3 Tips For Your Spring Cleaning

Tip #1

When I think of spring cleaning, it brings back memories of hours of back bending labor intensive cleaning. Today I want to show you 3 easy tips for your spring cleaning that will make your clean into a productive one, saving you time and money so that you can relax and smell the roses! The night before your cleaning date get plenty of rest. The day of your clean have your hydrates available, if you add a morning stretch it will help warm and loosen your muscles preventing injury. So let’s begin. My first tip is to think about your clean. Take a mental snapshot of your home and go from room to room, as a professional cleaner my advice to you is to start from the top and work your way to the bottom, when you look up what do you see? Cobwebs, dust that accumulates on top of ceiling fans, cabinets, and door frames. Then look at the room at eye level and mentally jot down all areas that need to be cleaned such as blinds, bedding, furniture, closets. Then look below at your floors, baseboards and carpeting. Go from room to room and do the same mental checklist, and there you have it! You mentally did a walk through tour of your home, assessed all areas and contents within your home without even lifting a finger, or even breaking out into a cold sweat.

Tip #2

Now since you know exactly what your needs are, let’s go to my second tip, cleaning supplies. With so many products available it is natural to ask which products work the best, if you have your favorite product at hand then use it, but for those who would like advice from a professional cleaner, I will tell you to use name brand products, the one’s we all have grown to love, not those generic cleaners. The name brand products in my opinion get the job done, and they’re not expensive. When choosing products for your spring cleaning, buy according to your needs, if your trouble spots in your bathroom are soap scum and hard water build up, use a bathroom cleaner that remove soap scum and hard water build up. Buy an all purpose cleaner that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, preferably no rinsing needed, and use on countertops, kitchen cabinets, door knobs, wall fixtures, baseboards, sinks, small and large appliances, window sills etc… , the no rinsing factor insures that those areas are clean and germ free. Window cleaner is a must for all things to sparkle including faucets, chrome, mirror, glass, and anything you want to shine. A quality floor cleaner preferably one that cleans all types of flooring, such as; vinyl, ceramic tile, hardwood and laminate. Use microfiber cloths, I couldn’t clean without them and they are lint free. A feather duster, yes an el cheapo will do. For people with allergens that are dust or mold related, use a vacuum with a hose attachment instead. For those who aren’t allergic to dust or just don’t have one, please go out and buy one pronto. They are like a diamond in the rough and they can greatly reducing your spring cleaning time and I’ll explain why. Remember your kid’s drawings of dust bunnies on your precious household items such as that brand new flat screen television, those nasty little particles of lint, human skin, dirt and dust mite debris, build up in your home quickly if not removed regularly.You will also need a bucket that contain all your cleaning products, gloves, cleaning tools, vacuum, and mop.

Tip #3

Now the day has arrived for your spring clean and you’re refreshed and eager to begin, Make sure you have all the items at hand, mental checklist, cleaning products, gloves, microfiber cloths, cleaning tools, Tylenol yes you will probably need at least two. Just kidding, have a great spring cleaning day!

I have a small residential and commercial cleaning business in Charlotte North Carolina. As a professional cleaner I would like to share 3 tips that will make cleaning your home more efficient, saving you valuable time and money. If you prefer to leave your cleaning up to a professional, visit []

10 Best Reasons to Buy a Pressure Washer

1) If you value a clean outdoor patio, pool deck, and exterior of your home, then chances are you’ll require some pressure washing treatment at some point, at least if you want to enhance the aesthetics and the overall value of your home.

2) If you want to enhance the value and curb appeal of your commercial property or business, aka attracting new customers, frequent maintenance and cleaning are a must.

3) If you need pressure washing on the exterior of your home, you’ll have to either rent one or pay someone to do it regularly, several times in your lifetime. By purchasing a pressure cleaner, you can do it yourself!

4) Purchasing one rather than renting one ensures you have a better, well-cared-for pressure washer to clean with, not one that has been used often, incorrectly, and not treated properly. Wear and tear can impact the quality of your pressure cleaner and impair its ability to clean

5) Paying someone to pressure clean your home or deck requires you to be at someone else’s mercy. If you want to wait around the house for several hours while somebody else does it, that’s fine. But many people value their independence and appreciate being able to come and go as they please, without being at the mercy of someone else.

6) Rather than renting a pressure washer and not being entirely familiar with how to fully operate it, owning one allows you to gain a high level of familiarity with how to use one so you get it exactly how you like it every time.

7) Owning a pressure washer and doing your own cleaning treatments allow you to ensure your home or commercial property isn’t damaged in the process.

8) Live in an area that’s prone to mold on pool tiles or sulfur markings on the outside of your home? Does your home or hotel’s balconies get mildew every few months? Owning your own pressure washer ensures you’ll be able to clean as often as you like and care for your property frequently.

9) If you’re looking to sell your home or commercial property and anticipate showing it over a period of many months, it will ensure your property is well kept.

10) Acids and mineral buildup will cause paint to corrode and peel off. Routine pressure cleaning of the exterior of your home or business will ensure a longer lifespan on your home’s paint so you won’t have to have re-painting done for a long, long time.

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11 Carpet Cleaning Hacks for the Real World

A carpet has the ability to transform a room and add personality. Keep your flooring looking brand new with these eleven cleaning hacks.

Remove Stains and Wax With an Iron.

Vacuum the area first, and spray with a solution of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water, letting it sit for several minutes. Lay a light-colored cloth over the stain and iron the entire stained area to transfer the stain. For wax, simply lay a cloth over wax and iron. Just be sure not to put the iron directly on the carpet, as it could singe or melt the fibers.

Use an ice cube to remove furniture indentations or gum.

You might know that you can freeze gum to scrape it off of carpet (or fabric). But you might not know that you can fix an indent from furniture by leaving an ice cube to melt on the indented spot. After the ice has completely melted, blot the excess and ironing with a cloth until dry. Then fluff and vacuum.

Use area rugs strategically, and rotate like you flip your mattress.

Use area rugs and runners in high-traffic areas. Flipping your rugs around 180 degrees every few months will prolong the life of both the rug and the carpet. Find some without a rubber backing and you can throw them in the wash.

Eliminate odors with baking soda, or use to absorb oil stains.

Soak up an oil stain or freshen the room by shaking baking soda across the entire room, allowing it to sit, and then vacuuming up.

Roll the crumbs.

Need to freshen in a flash? Keep a lint roller by the door for a quick pass before company.

Squeegee pet hair.

Remove stubborn pet hairs from tiny fibers by running a squeegee across the top. This also works on fabric furniture and car seats!

Use rubbing alcohol, window cleaner or nail polish remover with acetone.

Apply one of these chemicals to a cloth, scrub in a circular motion, rinse with water and allow to dry completely then vacuum the area to fluff.

Apply shaving cream to high-traffic dirt stains.

Scrubbing this anti-aging treatment into the fibers will not only remove traffic stains from your carpet, it will soften it as well.

For shag, use the hose attachment

Generally, vacuum suction is too powerful on shag and will leave “shedding.” Your hose attachment can give them a deep clean while being gentle on the fibers.

Moving soon? Wear shoe caps.

The moving process is extra hard on floors, especially going in and out of the house with furniture. Covered shoes leave less of an imprint and keep the dirt out. This seems obvious, but it’s easy to forget in the busy moving process, so buy them in bulk ahead of time and leave them by the door with a small waste basket.

Use baking soda and a vacuum for fleas

Sprinkle and work in with a broom, and allow it to sit for a few hours before vacuuming. Salt or borax work too, but if you have pets, it’s best to stick to the baking soda. Continue to vacuum every day, cleaning the filter and disposing of its contents in a plastic bag outside in a can with a lid.

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3 Steps Away to Finally Clearing Your Clutter!

Clutter in your houses, desks and workplaces can cause added stress in your lives, lead to unproductive and unfulfilled days. Many people get depressed day in and day out, walking past or being surrounded by clutter. In your subconscious mind, it begins to gnaw at you, each time your eye catches it. Your “stuff” gets territorial sometimes, as you cannot seem to part with it or can’t seem to find a solution to what to do with the piles or the accumulation of things around them.

It becomes overwhelming.

Sometimes, it can become debilitating, stopping you in your tracks and holding you back from achieving your goals. Many days can go by, walking past the same old pile, the same old collection of magazines, the same old boxes stacked up against each other. Sometime, people stop inviting friends or family over because it is too embarrassing for them. This creates a whole new set of emotions, eventually causing separation and withdrawal.

Eventually, depression could set in.

The good news is that there is a simple formula that you can use to change this so that you can live a more productive life. A clean area allows you to think, be productive and feel free. When you feel free, you can achieve your goals and feel liberated!

Here is a way to step into liberation!

The first step is to get 3 boxes, labeling them:

  1. Save
  2. Give Away
  3. Throw Away

Set aside an afternoon, an hour or a specified amount of time to sort through your things. Touch them ONE TIME and one time only. Decide right then and there what you will do with that particular item. Set a timer if you have to. That way, you will spend the most efficient use of your time and you will feel like you have accomplished something.

It is the small victories that will get you through the rough spots.

Start with one pile or one corner. This is key.

When you have completed the task, you can take the box out to the curb, drop it off to a charitable organization near you, or file it.

Set aside time to file what you have separated. If you don’t, this too, will seem as if it is “clutter”.

Clutter in your house can accumulate very quickly over time, especially if you have teenagers graduating to college, death of a family member or family members moving into your household.

It could take you by surprise.

Clutter will only take you in a direction you do not want to go towards. Take control of your life, grab those boxes and start separating for a life that is fulfilling and achieving!

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Brought to you by Donna Marie Laino – The Philadelphia Tiger, dedicated to bring you Balance In Your Life!

Donna Marie Laino is a nurse, humorist, motivational speaker and success coach. She also uses humor as a holistic practitioner and Certified Laughter Leader to deal with life stress and health.

2 Top Rated Vacuum Cleaners For Under $100

Finding the top rated vacuum cleaners is hard with all the choices out there. If you are looking for a good machine but do not want to spend an arm and a leg, here are 2 cleaners for under $100 that you should consider:

1. Eureka 1934 Boss Upright


Cost: This one goes for around $100 at most sites, which makes it one of the cheaper ones on the market.

Maneuverability: As with most machines, the dimensions of this one are small. It is only 13″W x 15″L x 44.5″H. Since it is so small, it is able to fit into the tiniest of spaces when vacuuming.

Even better, it is simple to store it away if you live in a tiny apartment and do not have a lot of room. It is also one of the lighter machines on the market. It only weighs 10.4 pounds, which makes it simple to carry around the house.

Suction: Even though the engine is only 5 amps, the suction is as strong as many more expensive machines with bigger engines. Therefore, it does a thorough cleaning job and is quite capable of getting out even the hardest stains.

Adjustable Height: You are able to raise and lower the height, which makes it easy to use with different varieties of rug.

Style: The machine has a nice, modern design.

Cord Length: The cord is 20 feet long. This enables you to be able to get most rooms without having to change the plug location.


Cord retraction: Quite simply, the cord does not retract automatically like most of the machines. Therefore, you have to wind it around by hand. This is not a big deal, but can be a pain when vacuuming multiple rooms.

2. Hoover Nano Light Upright


Price: This one is even cheaper than the Eureka, as it goes for under $60 at most sites. This makes it one of the most affordable cleaners on the market, and might be the best vacuum cleaner for less than $60.

Suction: The machine is quite strong for something so cheap.

Chord Length: As with most top rated vacuum cleaners, the chord is quite long. Depending on the height of your home, you can usually vacuum the entire stairs without needing to change outlets.

Easy to Clean: The filter is simple to take apart, which means that it is simple to clean it. Also, the dust bin is not hard to empty. You just press the button and the bottom opens up.

Size: Like the Eureka, this machine is tiny and maneuverable. The dimensions are 10.5 x 11.0 x 44.0, which allows it to easily squeeze into small space.

Warranty: It has a 12 month warranty, which is decent for a machine of this price-range.


Limited Cleaning Ability: This cleaner only works on carpets-not floors. Most top rated vacuum cleaners and all commercial vacuum cleaners are able to do both, so this is a bit of an inconvenience.


If you are looking for a good cheap vacuum cleaner, the Eureka 1934 Boss Upright and the Hoover Nano Light Upright are 2 you should consider. They might not compare to the more expensive Hepa vacuum cleaners, but for the money you cannot beat them. They are both top rated vacuum cleaners in the low priced category, and for most people are more than good enough to get the job done.

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3 Helpful Tips for Winter Cleaning

Do you hate the cold weather? Do you hate to clean house? If you hate both of these things, then wintertime cleaning is not for you. Understandably, these are the months when you want to just drink hot chocolate and read a book by the warm and inviting fire. This is when the average person’s body just wants to slow down and relax.

However, your home still gets dirty and needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Also, keep in mind, this is the time of the year that your friends and family will visit to celebrate the holidays. So, it is imperative that you keep up your cleaning chores and ensure that your home is clean and tidy during the holiday season. In order to accomplish this, the following are just a few things that you can do:

Start your major cleaning projects. Wintertime is a drab time of the year, but wouldn’t you much rather do most of your major cleaning during this time of the year when you really cannot do too much outside? Or, would you rather spend a lot of valuable time cleaning the house when the weather is perfect outside? Sure, spring is usually the designated time of the year to clean according to most people’s calendar. However, think about doing your big cleaning chores during the winter months.

Clean out the closets. Throw away all of your junk and get ready for the New Year. You can’t go anywhere anyway, so go through each closet and clean out the junk. Toss, donate or sell the items that you find in your closet. It does not make sense to hold on to things that are no longer useful or appreciated. The smart thing is to free up new space for all of your new spring clothes and shoes.

Clean the refrigerator. Consider going through this process with your kitchen too. A lot of people accumulate tons of holiday leftover food during this season. There will be so much food in your refrigerator that you and the family will never be able to eat it all. So it is best to eat it, freeze it or throw it away before it spoils and makes the whole kitchen smell bad.

You may not enjoy winter cleaning, but it is one of those unfortunate facts of life. If you fallow these three simple steps it can be less of a drag. While it may not be fun at least it can be easier.

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