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3 Easy Methods To Help You Clean Mini Blinds

Mini blinds are dust and grime magnets. They can also be frustrating to clean if you aren’t sure where to begin. In this article, we will give you 3 different methods for cleaning mini blinds.

Method 1: Just dust. If your blinds just need dusting, you can easily clean them using the brush attachment on your vacuum hose. First lock the blinds in the up position, and vacuum along the length of the slats, working from the top of the blinds, to the bottom. Then, switch the blinds to the down position and repeat the same process again. The more often you dust your blinds, the less often you will need to wash them, which brings us to our next method.

Method 2: Toss them in the tub. To wash sticky grime off your mini blinds, you can wash them in the bathtub. Just fill the bathtub halfway with warm water and add a few squirts of dish soap. If the blinds are really dirty, you can add a little degreaser to the mix as well. Remove the blinds from the wall. They may be the kind that snap in and out of place, or you may have to remove a couple of screws. Then place the dirty blinds in the tub. The warm soapy water should cover them completely. Let them soak 10 to 15 minutes to loosen the grime, then you can clean each slat by hand right there in the tub, either by using cotton gloves or washcloths. Once you’ve given them a good wipe down, you should drain the water from the tub and rinse the blinds with clean water. You will need to hang them somewhere other than the wall to dry, or you can simply lay them out on some towels on the floor and they can dry there.

Method 3: Head outdoors. If the weather is nice, you might prefer to wash your blinds outside. Find a place to hang them up. The clothesline would be ideal, but a fence or a porch banister work nicely too. Have a bucket of warm, soapy water on hand, and again you can use cotton gloves or washcloths and wipe each side of the slat. A garden hose makes washing your blinds a piece of cake, but please don’t tempted to power wash your blinds. We’ve seen the videos too, but more often than not, you will end up with bent or broken slats. Once you’ve rinsed, you can leave your blinds outside to dry in the sunshine before hanging them back in place.

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3 Clever Ideas On How To Re-Use An Old Vacuum Cleaner

Have you ever considered what you are going to do with your vacuum cleaner once it has already reached its expiration date? You can’t just stash it in the attic or dump it in the landfill. Other people have placed their old vacuum cleaner to good use. You can certainly do the same.

I collected a few ideas and here are some of the cleverest ones:

1. Hovercraft

This is an air-cushioned vehicle. These are often used to travel by water. You can make a toy hovercraft that can be used for leisure during summer seasons. You need the blower outlet of your vacuum cleaner or your Shopvac. You also need plywood, plastic sheet, small plastic disk bolts and wood screw. Also prepare the tools like drill, electric saber saw, duct tape and staple gun.

Make a disk from the plywood. Some people use square-shaped plywood but you can always try using round-shaped ones to avoid splintering your skin with the sharp edges of square-shaped plywood.

Measure the center of the disk and drill a hole with about 5/16 inches of size. This will allow a 2-inch bolt to slide easily inside. Also make a hole with the size of your vacuum cleaner blower. Trace it first with pencil so you can accurately cut out the hole. This will prevent leaks.

Now make the plastic sheet. Lay the circular plywood over a large plastic sheet. Wrap the edges of the plastic around the disk. Use your staple gun to fasten the sheet to the plywood. Get a discarded coffee can lid and drill a hold on the center. Connect it to the bottom part of the hovercraft.

Use a sharp knife and cut six exhaust holes. They should all have uniform 2-inch sizes. Flip the hovercraft to the other side. The plastic sheet should be at the bottom of the floor. Place your vacuum cleaner’s hose to the hole and switch it on. It should already inflate and glide around.

2. Backpack Bug Catcher

You don’t have to hire pest controllers as you can make the machine that will remove the bugs around your home. Purchase durable bag made from plastic or hard-sided bag. Drill a hole to the side of the bag and install the suction part of the vacuum machine.

3. Use attachments as cleaning materials

You can simply use the discarded attachments as manual tools for cleaning. Remove the rolling brush and use it to clean small rugs or carpets.

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10 Simple Things You Must Expect From A Professional Cleaning Company

At a glance, it is like you are over-thinking. But, if you are just this careful, you will be surprised how much time and money you can actually save. Finding a truly professional cleaning service can be life-changing, especially when the service is in your budget. It can help you be more functional at other things in your life while not sacrificing your finance. And, it can increase your confidence for your home looks like what you expect it to be. After all, your home is a reflection of you.

Characteristics of a Professional Cleaning Company

Below are 10 things you can expect from a professional cleaning service.

#1. License

A top notch cleaning service will be licensed and insured. The company will have to meet some standardized requirements associated with their employment, products, equipment, procedure and cleaning results. Usually, hiring a team of trained, experienced cleaners from such a company does not have to cost a lot. The company will charge reasonable cleaning services prices and always provide good value to the customers.

#2. Liability and Employee Accident Coverage

Home accidents can happen anytime no matter how careful the cleaners are. A professional company should be aware about the safety of their cleaners. Liability and employee accident coverage is one of ways to show their care.

#3. Professionalism & dependability

A professional house cleaning company has professionalism and dependability. It is shown in how they receive their customers’ calls, how they care about their customers’ satisfactions, how they respond to any complaints, etc.

#4. Education and Experience

A professional cleaning service must educate or train their cleaners and housekeepers in order to have sufficient knowledge in house cleaning. The company also requires their cleaners a certain amount of experience before dispatching them to their customers’ house.

#5. Deep Cleaning System

A professional house cleaning company will help you make your house tidy, clean and also healthy. The company, at least, puts the 3 basic steps to the cleaning process: preparation, cleaning and finishing.

#6. Premium Products and Advanced Equipment

A professional cleaning services company will want an unmatched caliber of clean for every customer’s house. The company will be careful in choosing what products or equipment the cleaners should use. The cleaners will never use cleaning chemicals that can be dangerous for the house or the people in the house. They also know how to use the products or equipment properly

#7. Attention to Detail

A quality cleaning service delivers perfection every time. The cleaners know that there are different styles and sizes of furniture; and, every piece of it needs a specific treatment.

#8. Customization

A professional house cleaning company cares about their”>customers’ specific needs. The cleaners and housekeepers are ready to give a customized cleaning plan out of the janitorial or cleaning services they offer.

#9. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

A professional cleaning company is proud of their customers’ satisfaction. The company will guarantee every cleaning result and can respond to any complaint in a professional manner.

#10. Environmental Awareness

A professional house cleaning cleaning company will be conscious of the effects of the chemicals used in the cleaning process to the environment. The cleaning company will only allow the use of products with not-toxic and disposable chemicals during the process.

These are the 10 things you can expect from a professional house cleaning company. Do the checklist, hire one, and save your house and money now.

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3 Carpet Soiling Categories And How To Cope With Them

Carpet cleaners recognize that carpet may be soiled by an infinite variety of contaminants which could come from inside or outside the building.

Indoor pollutants may include grease, dust, hair, animal dander, shed skin, lint from clothing, and spills from drinks or food. Cooking oil floating in the air also traps particulates floating in the indoor environment. These ultimately end up among the carpet fibers, because carpet is the perfect filter.

Contaminants from outside may include abrasive soils, sand, grit, grease and tars, grime, insects and a host of other foreign materials. Most of these enter the home or office on the soles of shoes, but many other types of foreign materials may be brought in by animals, or may even just get blown in by the wind.

Understanding the nature of these materials will help to place them in categories and thus determine the best carpet cleaning method for each situation.

Everyone realizes that a soiled carpet is undesirable for many reasons. Perhaps the most commonly acknowledged reason is the appearance. A soiled carpet doesn’t look good and the householder is often embarrassed by the resultant poor aesthetics.

But dirty carpet is also insanitary. Foreign material in the carpet provides a fertile breeding ground for many microorganisms, some of which are carriers of harmful diseases and various allergens.

Soiled carpet may also be the repository of abrasive materials which cause excessive wear when ground in among the fibers over time. The fibers are thereby destroyed and the useful life of the carpet is considerably reduced.

A recent study of the types and composition of soils commonly found in carpets, concluded that approximately 80 % was insoluble and only about 20 % was soluble. A further breakdown of the composition of the soils revealed that 60% was derived from sand, quartz, clay, gypsum or carbon; 10 % from vegetable material and fiber; 10 % from cooking oils, body oils, asphalt, tars or grease and only 10 % from soluble sugars, starches, salts or other fluid materials derived from foods.

It is therefore quite easy to classify these soils into three basic categories:

1. Water- soluble.

2. Solvent-soluble

3. Insoluble.

The terms “water-soluble” and “insoluble” are self-explanatory. By “solvent-soluble” we mean substances which are soluble in organic solvents like alcohol, acetone, kerosene, ether, etc.

Insoluble soils, which constitutes the greatest portion of carpet soils, will dissolve in neither water nor solvents, and will cause the most physical damage to carpets. Fortunately, they are the easiest to remove. Frequent vacuuming is the solution to this problem. Use the most powerful vacuum you can get, preferably one with a beater brush which will agitate the fibers and facilitate extraction of particulates from deep down. Frequent means daily if possible, but if not, at least three times per week. More heavily tracked carpets will require more frequent vacuuming, of course.

Water-soluble soils are the easiest to extract, and more so, if the soiling is fresh. The key is to blot up spills as soon as they occur. The emphasis here is to blot, not rub. This is to prevent the soil or stain from spreading to adjacent areas. Also, wherever possible, use a white absorbent cloth or paper towel. This will ensure that color from the towel will not be transferred back to the carpet.

Oil based stains require an organic solvent before they can be dissolved and removed. The solvent should first be pre-tested on a small spot in an inconspicuous place to determine whether there will be bleeding or leaching. The same blotting procedure may then be tried, but be sure to rinse out the solvent thoroughly with cold water afterwards.

As always, for difficult situations or for a comprehensive deep carpet cleaning, be sure to consult a professional carpet cleaning company.

Victor Nugent is Owner and President of AJS Carpet Cleaning, Inc. with over 11 years experience in the Carpet Cleaning business.

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10 Tips You Shouldn’t Miss About Office Cleaning

For any business establishment, a tidy working environment is very important. No matter what kind of industry you belong, you have to maintain organization in your workplace so your employees can perform their tasks peacefully. These establishments need attention as most of your clients and prospects meet you up in your headquarters.

The impression of how you are handling your business and its stature in the industry can be seen in a workplace. This often reflects how systematic your business is to boost productivity from your subordinates. When your establishment is sparkling and tidied up to the satisfaction of the people working in it, daily activities would be such a joy. So here are ten tips you shouldn’t miss about office cleaning!

1. Make a priority list. Let someone handle the paper work when you feel that your company produces a lot of documents. Minimize the count and keep everything digitalized. Have an online vault where you can store and print them when necessary.

2. Eliminate the trash. It would be easier to live in a workplace where duplicated, outdated and unimportant content are thrown out. Throw out the rubbish you don’t need anymore. Be sure to shred any document with personal or financial info.

3. Make time for office cleaning. It would be effective to have a time in your headquarters to prompt your workers to clean their areas. You can also schedule your service providers at a certain time where they can do their duty the best.

4. Improve indoor air quality. Always make sure that fresh air from the outside enters your room. Circulated air from your AC unit can be toxic, most of the time.

5. This is a digital era. Keep all printing documents and files in your cabinets? No. Scan them or make editable copies over your computer. With the use of internet, you can store them in a cloud and you’re good to go.

6. PC’s and telephones, they’re germ-attracting objects. A lot of people use them so you have to be sure they are tidied up well by your office cleaning company. They have the necessary products they can use especially when taking care of electrical equipment.

7. Natural cleaning methods for indoors air. Fresheners are out. Try organic and natural means of freshening your air. Try to boil cinnamon cloves or other herbs and you’ll get the same effect. These can help you filter dirt and give an aromatic feeling to your employees.

8. Let your employees be responsible of their workplace. Tell them that it would leave you a great impression if they ensure organized and systematic work area.

9. Periodically maintain and upkeep common areas. Ensure they are tidied up once or twice in a year.

10. Hire a professional company that can provide you all the services above. There are a lot of companies available over the internet where you can achieve greater level of healthy and secure working environment from their excellent methods and equipment.

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4 Ways Pressure Cleaners Can Enhance Your Business

Pressure cleaners are able to cut through the toughest grime in a short period of time. For instance, a parking garage that is riddled with oil and grease stains or a dull walkway can be brought back to life. Vehicles on an auto dealership lot or trucks within a fleet can be kept clean to maintain a great first impression.

Overall, the use of pressure washers in business applications impacts how the business is perceived by the community. First impressions are everything in the business world and hand scrubbing large surfaces or heavily soiled areas is going to make it virtually impossible to achieve positive public perception. Positive first impressions must be maintained in order for a business to be successful. The following are ways in which pressure cleaners can enhance a business:

• Buildings with dirty exterior walls can look dull or unsanitary. The appearance of granite, wood, metal, brick, and concrete can be improved significantly through pressure washing. Because the dirt and residue can be removed, the need to repaint for a fresher finish is avoided. Furthermore, gutters and eaves tend to be neglected, but pressure cleaning can make tending to them easier. With the right pressure, surfaces are not damaged or worn down. The end result is an enhanced appearance and not an eroded one.

• Vehicles tend to experience caked on mud, tar, grease, and road grit. Fleet operators are all too aware of the damaging substances that can adhere to their vehicles, which are practically impossible to remove by hand without damaging the paint. Whether a car dealership or a business operating a truck fleet, the cleanliness of the vehicles are a vital part of the business’s image. Light, yet aggressive, pressure can remove those hard-to-remove substances without damaging the finish or the windows.

• Sidewalks and parking lots undergo a lot of abuse. The parking lot and walkway to your business must be clean because they have an influence on an individual’s perception of the business. Chewing gum is one of the most common sidewalk and parking lot offenders, as well as tobacco spit and spilled sodas that leave stains. Also, the constant vehicle and foot traffic causes the grit and grime to grind into the concrete, making it even harder to remove. Pressure cleaners can remove all of this and other substances that include oil, grease, and spilled paint. Flat concrete is a surface that is well suited for pressure washing.

• There are areas inside the business that need pressure washing as well. Floors can become stained by dirt and grime constantly being driven into them by heavy foot traffic. Pressure cleaners are able to remove any debris that settles within pores, cracks, and crevices. The end result is a cleaner and brighter looking floor. The floor is also made safer when slippery materials are removed, reducing the possibility that an employee or business patron could be injured.

Positive first impressions, safety, and simple cleanliness are all reasons to utilize the power of”>pressure cleaners. These are also all ways that can enhance the business so that it can grow its customer base and become more profitable. That profit is made when customers spend their money with the company, but money is also saved by not having to prematurely replace hard surfaces or repaint them. Basically, certain maintenance expenses are avoided due to the ease of use and the return on investment that is achieved through owning a pressure cleaner.

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3 Steps for Choosing a Great Carpet Cleaning Service

Houses, flats or trailers no matter where you live, a carpet makes your house look grand and beautiful. Subsequently, however clean your home is, the importance of carpet cleaning thoroughly, is a must in every 12 – 18 months, depending on your location and the situation at home.

Accordingly, cleaning and maintenance of any carpet is important for preserving your carpet/rug you need to be careful not to make a few common mistakes that might reduce your carpet’s life. For example a rug under the dining table often has food and drinks spilt over it. Additionally, for carpets in a house that has small kids and/or pets do have “incidents” happening quite a few times.

Both these situations call for different procedures for cleaning up and maintenance depending on the type of carpet design, material used to make it and its location. Calling carpet cleaning services isn’t enough to take care of your investment. You need to be thorough with the following things:

1) Check to see if the carpet cleaning company is BBB graded. “Better Business Bureaus (BBB) is dedicated to fostering honest and responsive relationship between businesses and consumers — instilling consumer confidence and advancing a trustworthy marketplace for all.” This will help you weed out scammers who have little or no experience in carpet cleaning and often change the prices once they start to work.

2) This type of job requires for the carpet cleaning technician to see the carpet themselves and only then give you a quote. Quotes over the phone are often to get things started and do not account for your situation at home, whether it is a messy hobby, kids, pets, etc. change a lot when the technician comes to your home. You can cut out this problem completely by simply arranging an in-home inspection and written total price quote thus saving yourself from price changes and delays in cleaning. This way they know exactly what they are dealing with, giving them time to prepare and also give you an accurate quote.

3) Depending on the type of carpet you have e.g. Area rugs and Oriental carpets are best to be removed and taken to a cleaning plant that takes approximately 5 days. Be aware of cleaners who promise to clean your rug in hours as they put the rugs through an automated carpet cleaning machine that looks like a printing press in which the rugs are put through rollers and cleaners that damage the cotton, sisal, wool, wool blends etc. Also, the type of soaps used, wax removal, deodorizing should be taken into account for.

I hope you find these tips to be useful!

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4 Reasons to Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company

When your flooring starts to look dingy and unattractive, you may feel that renting equipment to make it look new again is your best option. You may feel that you’re saving money by doing it yourself. However, hiring a professional to get the job done is your best option. Here are 4 reasons why you should always go with an expert when it comes to managing your carpeting issues.

Environmentally Friendly Service

If you have children or pets, carpet cleaning can be more dangerous than you think. Renting equipment and using the chemicals that go with it can leave chemical residue in your flooring that can make your children or pets sick. Companies often use environmentally safe products that not only remove stains and odors, but also leave the air and surfaces safe for small children to walk around on once dry. Ask you a local professional if this is a service they can provide.


When you try to do this type of chore on your own, it takes away from other things you could be doing, such as spending time with your family and friends or even focusing on other tasks that need to be done in your home. With a carpet cleaning service, you don’t have to lift a finger. All you have to do is point out the areas that need treatment and steer clear of those parts of the home until they are dry. Companies use special ventilating tools and fans to leave your flooring fresh and dry within just a few hours’ time, which allows you to relax and enjoy your day.

Thorough Service

You likely have a plethora of stains to treat, such as food, pet, and even lipstick spots that need special care. With a carpet cleaning service, each area you are concerned about can be treated with the right products and tools to leave the area as fresh and new as possible. Certain types of padding and brands, such as shag and loop thread, can be damaged if the wrong equipment is used, so make sure you hire a professional to give these specialty flooring types the care they need.

Peace of Mind

Trying to take on the daunting task of making your flooring look new again can be difficult, even if you rent equipment that is specifically designed for the job. You have to make sure you use fresh water, the right ratio of chemicals and follow the instructions on how to operate the machinery. If you use a carpet cleaning service, you know that your flooring is getting expert care. That is peace of mind.

Carpet cleaning is something that you must do in order to get rid of stains, odors, and other issues with your flooring. In using a professional company to do the work, you can feel confident that your house is truly spic and span.

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10 Smart Methods of Cleaning Fast Before Guests Arrive

1. Vacuum the important parts.

No time to move furniture around and vacuum under beds and sofas. Get the vacuum cleaner and go over the carpet in the living room or the room in which you will be entertaining the guests, the area around it, and the hall.

2. Push papers under the carpet.

If your kids’ drawings are around, or you have some mail fumbled on the floor, then no time to pick it up and look for a proper place. Just kick them under the carpet and try not to forget where they are after the guests are gone.

3. Mop the bathroom floor.

You need to have a clean bathroom or you will never hear the end of it. Mop up the floor, and if you have time, put the toilet scrubber to use with some detergent to kill any possible odours.

4. Kill any smells with baking soda or lemon juice.

And speaking of odours, if there are any lingering ones that you won’t have the chance to get to before your guests are here, just find their source and sprinkle some baking soda or lemon juice. A small amount of rubbing should take care of that problem.

5. Don’t separate the rubbish.

No time to stop and think if the lettuce leftovers should go in the compost pile outside or the recycle bin for organic rubbish. Just throw everything in the emptiest bin you have and if you want to do it that desperately, deal with it later.

6. Quick-brush the hairs from the carpets.

Hairs can be noticeable, especially if your family’s hair colour is in contrast with the dye of the carpet. So take a medium-stiff bristled brush and swipe it a few times over the carpet to collect the most obvious bundles of hair found on the floor. No time for carpet cleaning, so this will have to do.

7. Quick-brush the upholstery.

No time to get the hairs out of the sofa, and no time for proper upholstery cleaning, so instead just take a brush to the sofa and chairs and scrub the most obvious problematic spots.

8. Use the cupboard for bigger clutter.

If you have any of your kids’ toys lying around, or a few newly bought items that you still haven’t found a place for, just stick them into the cupboard and deal with them at a later point.

9. Clean what you can see.

There is no time for thorough home cleaning, so you cannot get picky. They way fast cleaning should work is simple – enter a room, scan it, deal only with the stains and trouble spots which you can see. Hopefully your guests are not so nosy as to start looking for the dust under the table or the coffee mark on the underside of the carpet.

10. Fast-scrub the windows.

The windows should have some freshness about them, so it would be good to save a few minutes for them as well. Clean only those in the room in which you will spend time with your guests, and be quick about it – spray a proper cleaner and brush for a while with a newspaper. Then rinse and let them dry by themselves.

With this you should be ready to welcome your guests to your nice and seemingly clean home. Don’t worry, they have come over for the company and the entertainment, so they will not spend time looking for flaws in your cleaning. Now you should enjoy the company as well.

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10 Things You Need To Know About Carpet Cleaning

If you don’t know your wet vacuums from your dry vacuums, then the thought of carpet cleaning can be a little bit overwhelming. However here are 10 of the most important things you need to know about carpet cleaning.

1. Prevention is better than cure

Keep your carpet as clean as possible by taking steps to prevent major dirt and stain hazards. For example, ban shoes in the house, do not let your children eat foods away from the table and stop your pets from going in carpeted rooms.

2. Vacuum regularly

Maintaining a regular light cleaning schedule will reduce the frequency with which you must carry out heavy cleaning.

3. Always pick up crumbs quickly

Pick up any crumbs that you drop as quickly as possible, either with your hands or using a dry vacuum cleaner. This will prevent them from being trodden into the carpet which can make them much harder to remove.

4. Treat stains quickly

The sooner you attempt to treat a stain, the more likely that you are to manage to get it out of your carpet. The way that you treat the stain will depend on what has been spilled. If you leave the stain for too long, it might set and be very hard to remove.

5. Always read the label

If you haven’t had training in carpet cleaning, always read the label before you do any cleaning. What works on one carpet may not work on another, and using the wrong product may end up doing more harm than good.

6. Dry quickly

If your carpet gets wet, take up any excess moisture immediately and take steps to help the carpet to dry as quickly as possible, because water can cause tide marks and unpleasant smells.

7. Constant Vigilance

Be aware of changes in your carpet, as they could signal problems coming from underneath.

8. Beware of mold

If you have to lift your carpet, beware of the potential that toxic mold may be growing underneath. Whenever you are going to do this, it is safest to ventilate the room as much as possible and wear a face mask to reduce the risk of inhalation.

9. Personal Protective Equipment

If you do decide to use chemical cleaning products to clean your carpet, you should always wear the correct personal protective equipment to help to keep you safe.

10. Call in the professionals

If you are struggling with carpet cleaning, you should call in the professionals, as they will be able to help you out.

If you do find that you need additional help with your carpet cleaning Memphis [], there are plenty of experts who can come out to do home visits.