June 2019


3 Simple Carpet Care Tips

Carpet continues to be a popular choice of floor covering in modern homes. Modern design and manufacturing techniques gives us carpets to suit any design or lifestyle choice. Unfortunately many carpets do not last as long as they should because of poor carpet care. So here are a few simple carpet care tips that will help your carpets last longer.

Reduce Tracked In Soil

Sand and grit will cut carpet fibers just like a pair of scissors. Most of the sand and grit found in carpets comes from dirt and soil on shoes. The best way to stop sand getting onto your carpet is to make sure that people remove their shoes before entering your home. An entrance porch is an ideal place for people to remove their shoes. If you don’t have a porch, then you may want to consider making a space by your door fro people to take off their shoes and store them. A sign asking people to remove their footwear is also a nice touch.

If you don’t want to ask people to remove their shoes, then you can use entrance mats. You should place entrance mats at all you external doors, not just the front entrance. All Ideally the entrance matting should extent 8 steps into the home. Now 8 steps is quite a long way, up to 20 feet. As many homes do not have 20 feet long entrance halls, then just make the entrance mat as long as you can.

If your entrance mat is just a couple of feet long, then you could use a small notice asking people to wipe their feet thoroughly to help keep your home clean.

If you have a small entrance mat then a rubber backed cotton fiber mat is ideal. The cotton will absorb wet and damp soil and the rubber backing will prevent the soils from falling back into your carpet.

All entrance matting should be cleaned on a regular basis. Removable washable mats are ideal because they can be rinse cleaned with a hosepipe or cleaned in the washing machine.

Regular Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming is the most important step in removing soils from your carpets. Vacuuming removes most of the surface soils from the carpet, before they can migrate deep into the carpet away from the surface where a vacuum cannot reach them.

All carpets that have been in use should be vacuumed at least on time per week. If the room has been used regularly, then the frequency should be increased. Children’s play rooms; dining rooms and entrance halls should be vacuumed on a daily basis. If you have pets, then your carpets should be vacuumed on a daily basis to remove pet hairs and pet dander.

The vacuum should have HEPA filtration. A HEPA filter traps 99.93% of all soils. This means that fine soil, dust, pet dander, bacteria and mold spores do not escape from the vacuum into the air. If there are any people in the house with asthma, breathing issues or allergies, then a HEPA filter is essential.

In most cases an upright vacuum or a tub vacuum with a brush head is the better choice. A brush head vibrates the carpet fibers and helping release more soil. Brush heads are also vital for removing pet hairs. Pet hairs become trapped in the carpet and airflow alone will not remove them. A brush head helps release the pet hairs so they can be vacuumed away.

Scheduled Professional Carpet Cleaning

All carpets should be professionally cleaned every one to two years. There are three main reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Difficult spots and stains such as tea, coffee and red wine. A professional carpet should remove these stains cleaner. They have access to specialist chemical treatments and equipment that can safely treat difficult stains such as coffee and red wine. Many stains can become permanent if they are not treated correctly.

Soils, bacteria and pollution deposits. After 12 months soils, bacteria and pollutants that have evaded regular vacuuming will need to be cleaned out or your carpet. Every time you walk over the carpet deep sand particles are pressed against the carpet fiber and start to cut them apart. If these sandy particles are not removed on a regular basis, your carpet will wear out faster than it should.

Oil and grease deposits. From the very first day your carpet is laid, oil and grease falls out of the air the carpet. These oils come from sources such as; cooking, perfume, exhaust fumes and fragrance sprays. If these deposits are allowed to stay in your carpet they will start to oxidize and chemically stick to the surface of the carpet fibers. This can cause two problems

  1. The oxidization can affect the dyes in the carpet making them lighter.
  2. As oils oxidize they start to smell. The offensive smell from rancid butter is caused by oxidation. The same thing is happening to the oils and greases in your carpet.
  3. The oils attract sand and grit, turning it into a grinding paste. This paste rubs against the carpet fibers causing permanent damage.

Regular professional carpet cleaning will remove the soils and oily deposits, preventing them from causing any more damage to your carpets.These simple and effective methods of carpet care will help you enjoy the beauty in your carpets for longer and prolong their useful life.

Carpet is a considered purchase and can cost more than a family car. So it is important to understand how to take care of it and make your carpet last as long as possible. David Allen has been cleaning and restoring carpets and hard floors for over 16 years. To find more about carpet cleaning and stain removal in Nottingham, please visit []. If you are in Derby please visit []

3 Self Realization Tips to Declutter Your House

Your house getting cluttered is nothing but result of your habits. These habits are developed from your child hood days or you would have inherited it from your parents or your surroundings. Friends and relatives and their habits also influence the habit and character which is very much related with this habit of cluttering the house.

You can follow the tips listed below which can help you to come out of this problem.

  1. Realize you are Procrastinating: Realize that you have a bad habit of procrastinating. A task or a thing which need to be done now has to be done now; it cannot be postponed to a later date of next week. You need to self realize that you are having this habit of procrastinating. Now every moment you realize and any task which you need to do just do it then and there. Practice this religiously for next 21 days. Why 21 days is because if you can do for the next 21 days, it will naturally become a habit and you shall start enjoying it.
  2. Realize you have Hoarding Habit: You have to look around your house and see how many things are really useful for you. You have just brought it and kept it without even using it for the value you have purchased. Do not further entertain this habit. Next time when you are tempted to buy or accumulate something, pause for a moment and think if it is really necessary. Think twice before you buy anything and then decide if you really require it. Whatever you have already accumulated, you need to go through each and every item and categorize it if you really require it or it is just a collection which you have kept. If it is of second category dispose it off either by gifting to someone or donating it or trashing it.
  3. Realize you are fighting against yourself: These clutter are nothing but your own habit. You need to realize that you are fighting against yourself. After you have decluttered your house as mentioned in the first two points, try to reach at an optimum level of your house. Once this is done never allow any new item to enter your house till you have disposed off something existing. By developing this habit you will have minimum inventory of things in your house. Avoid distraction and focus continuously, keep telling the word you are decluttering the house again and again.

By doing this, you not only clear your house but also develop a habit of not accumulating clutter further. This is very good and work in long-term.

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