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20 Easy Ways On How To Keep The House Clean

1. After waking in the morning, be sure to fix your bed. To have a bedroom clean and nice will urge us to clean the entire home.

2. As much as possible, we need to be wise in buying home furniture. Purchase a chair that has built-in magazine storage.

3. Multipurpose tasks like cleaning the toilet cabinet, mirror or sink while the kids are in the tub can always be done by a smart parent.

4. We can also put a basket for paper thrash near the stairs or doors in order to prevent the kids from littering their papers everywhere. If a thrash can or basket is near their working or studying place, it will remind them to throw their paper thrash properly.

5. Teach the kids to sweep their own rooms. By doing so, we are teaching them the importance of having a clean and tidy bedroom. In addition, we should also teach them to collect scattered toys and put them on their play basket.

6. It is also a must for us to fold all the clothes right after we get them out of the dryer. We can avoid house pets from playing on the socks that may be scattered.

7. Teach the kids to play on a certain part of the house and avoid bringing their toys to the other part of the house. By doing so, we lessen our task.

8. Have a mini vacuum cleaner to clean up small messes.

9. Be prepared with cleaning wipes all the time in the kitchen especially if a person loves to cook.

10. As much as possible, all things should have their own place that way when we try to find a certain item, we know where to look at.

11. Discipline the kids to put away their toys right after they play.

12. Remember that everything should have their own place, so the moment that we pick up something that is not on its proper place, put them back to their right place.

13. Teach the kids to use one cup a day. By doing so, we can avoid washing too many cups in a day.

14. Put a shoe rack near the door to avoid dirt on the floor.

15. Latest issues of magazines should only be displayed. Keep the old issues in a cabinet.

16. Rinse off the dishes immediately after using them and keep them in the dishwasher. At the end of the day, use the dishwasher once the whole day.

17. Avoid purchasing unnecessary stuff.

18. Clean the shower area before taking a bath.

19. If parents are too busy to do the cleaning, ask somebody who can help us. Hire cleaning personnel who can visit your home at least two times a month.

20. After all the cleaning is already done and we have accumulated too many junk and unnecessary furniture or broken appliances, call a junk removal or a”>junk hauling company to do the job of collecting the junk.

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23 House Cleaning Hacks

Do you feel like the chores around your house seem to take forever to finish? If you feel like you’ve lost hours on house cleaning tasks, then you’ve come to the right place. A lot of the best house cleaning hacks involve simple household items and will take only a few minutes to complete. Read through some of the following suggestions and improve your routine.

1. Clean your chopping board without chemicals by using kosher salt and lemons.

2. Save money on expensive products by cleaning your oven with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

3. Got paint on your clothes during your latest renovation or child’s art project? Simply remove it with a razor!

4. Wash your blinds with a 50-50 mixture of water and vinegar. Wipe the mixture away with an old sock.

5. You can use your hairdryer to remove water rings from wooden surfaces and refresh them by buffing with olive oil.

6. Remove oil stains from your carpet with baking soda.

7. Rubbing lemons on your faucets can help to remove set in water stains.

8. Old food caked on your iron pots and pans? Clean them with a sea salt scrub.

9. Cream of tartar works as a great stainless steel appliance cleaner.

10. Rub some chalk on grease stains on your clothes before you put them in the washing machines. It will help lift the stains more easily.

11. You can use an old toothbrush to help get crumbs and dust out from in between the keys on your keyboard.

12. You can use rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth to remove nail polish stains from carpets.

13. Get all the gross debris out of your cheese grater by grating raw chunks of potato.

14. You can use a squeegee to remove fuzz and pesky animal hair from your carpet.

15. Ever notice the gross burn marks on your straightener or curling iron? You can get rid of them by cleaning with steel wool.

16. You can use a ball of aluminum foil and some dish soap to scrub glass dishes.

17. Rolling some play dough over glitter is easy way to pick it up after other methods have failed.

18. You can use soda to get rid of grease stains on your garage floor.

19. Make your coffee grinder smell free by grinding some uncooked white rice in it.

20. Pick up broken glass by pressing a piece of bread onto the area it broke over.

21. Get your money’s worth out of your lint roller by using it to remove dust from your lamps.

22. Coffee filters can be used to dust computer monitors, TVs, and other screens.

23. Newspapers will absorb smells in the fridge.

Hopefully, you can get some use out of these house cleaning hacks! Even saving the smallest amount of time on chores means adding valuable minutes to the activities you enjoy.

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3 Things You Really Need to Know Before Buying Floor Machine Equipment!

The most important thing to look at when purchasing floor equipment is the type of floor you will be maintaining and also the environment that you will be cleaning. Floor machines are used to scrub, strip, and polish hard surface flooring. Some floor machines are designed to only do one of these tasks while others are versatile and can be used for many different cleaning jobs. The two main types of floor machines are single speed and dual speed. Single speed machines are used primarily for one cleaning task and speed of the machine is then matched to the task it performs. Dual speed floor machines are more versatile and can be used for scrubbing floors, stripping floors and also polishing floors. Low-speed machines usually run at around a 175 revolutions per minute. While dual speed machines have two speed settings which are usually around 175 RPMs and 300 RPMs. For scrubbing and general stripping of floors it is recommended that you use a machine that will spin at around 175 RPMs. For polishing a floor the machine must be faster and spin the pad driver at around 300 RPMs. The three main areas to look at when purchasing a floor machine is the type of machine, the size and power of the machine, and the attachments that can be utilized with it.

The size of the machine relates to the size of the cleaning disc or brush that is attached to the lower unit. Power usually relates to the size of the motor that spins the brush. Most floor machines range in size from 10 inches in diameter up to 27 inches in diameter. It is important to match the size of the floor machine with the area you are cleaning. If the area is small or has obstacles is wise to pick a machine that is smaller and more maneuverable. For larger areas that are open with no obstacles a larger cleaning diameter will be faster at cleaning the floor. The size of the motor is measured in horsepower. When it comes to floor machines, horsepower usually has no effect on how fast the brush or pad driver will turn. However if you are stripping floors and putting extra load on the motor is recommended that you have a larger powered machine. Most floor machine motors range in size from 1/2 to 2 hp. An added benefit of a larger motor is that it will usually last longer than smaller units.

Floor attachments are always important when purchasing any type of floor equipment. Floor machines can utilize such floor attachments as brushes, pad driver’s, sanding discs and scraper discs. Brushes are commonly used for scrubbing hard flooring and are great for cleaning in between grout lines on tile floors. A pad driver is used in conjunction with floor pads and are generally used to either clean, polish or strip floors. There are many different kinds of floor pads and the color of the floor pad will depend on the type of job it is used for. With most floor pad manufacturers the darker the the color of the pad the more aggressive the pad will be. Lighter colored pads are generally used for polishing floors and have fine plastic threads. Darker pads such as black or brown are generally used for stripping or removing old floor finish from a floor before new floor finish is laid down. Sanding discs can be used in conjunction with a pad driver to resurface hardwood floors. These discs take little effort to sand down the toughest hardwood finishes. The last type of floor machine attachment that can be used are scraper discs. Scraper discs are used for removing glue or mastic from concrete or other hard surfaces. These discs can also be outfitted with diamond blades for re-honing marble or terrazzo floors. It is important to check out how much these accessories cost before purchasing your floor machine. Floor equipment accessories and attachments can easily add up in price escalating cost of the floor machine.

There are many floor equipment manufacturers. Some of the best that produce floor machines are NSS, Windsor, Tornado, US Viper, and Koblenz. All of these manufacturers build quality floor equipment that will stand up to heavy duty use and harsh punishment. It is important to buy a machine from a reputable manufacturer because in case of machine failure parts will be easily accessible. Most floor equipment parts are available from local and online manufacturer dealers. Most floor machines range in price anywhere from $500-$3000. The construction of the machine and types of material used will affect the price considerably. If you are commercial cleaner it is recommended that you buy a floor machine with a steel housing and steel frame. Most residential or light duty models utilize a plastic housing which cuts down on cost but will not hold up to heavy duty cleaning.

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3 Benefits Of Hiring Home Cleaners

Are you a busy worker who needs affordable home cleaner to help you with your chores around the home? Do you know how to obtain affordable and trustworthy cleaner sin your local area? Did you know that on average people spend 10 hours a week cleaning their homes? This is 10 hours of leisure time you will lose forever. People forget that when they try to save money they also lose time. Just bear in mind that if you spent 10 of these hours relaxing you will be healthier and energetic to do more work.

Are you so busy with work that your chores are being procrastinated because you don’t have the time or energy to get around finishing them? Then you need a quality cleaner to help you out. Although it may seem scary to allow a stranger into your home and touch your belongings, please be aware that there are honest people out there. Like any industry, you will have the honest and the dishonest. All you need to do is do some research and take caution. Do not place moneys and valuables around the home but hide it in a safe place. Perhaps install cameras around the home and monitor the cleaner’s progress every so often.

From as little as $20 an hour you can obtain the very best quality cleaners.

All you need is to look at the local phone book or browse the internet for cleaning companies or contractors. Some websites will have client feedback and these will be very informative on the quality you can expect form the cleaners.

The benefits of having a cleaner include:

1. Saving your valuable time to do what you want. You can use the time to relax after work and reenergise yourself rather than engage in more work. Although it may seem insignificant you may want to reflect on this.

2. Saving valuable energy to do more fun things in life,. This can be watching TV, exercising or taking the dog for a walk at the beach or the local park.

This will help to maintain your home in pristine condition all the time.

3. Helps reduce your stress levels because you don’t have to worry about going home and doing more work.

4. More time to spend with time with your family and friends. Let’s face it, in today’s modern highly technical society everything is going so fast we have hardly anytime to socialise. The more time we regain the better for your overall health and wellbeing.

Employing a cleaner is easy and requires little effort. Not only you will save the frustration of cleaning your own things, it will free up time to spend with your family.

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10 Best Reasons to Buy a Pressure Washer

1) If you value a clean outdoor patio, pool deck, and exterior of your home, then chances are you’ll require some pressure washing treatment at some point, at least if you want to enhance the aesthetics and the overall value of your home.

2) If you want to enhance the value and curb appeal of your commercial property or business, aka attracting new customers, frequent maintenance and cleaning are a must.

3) If you need pressure washing on the exterior of your home, you’ll have to either rent one or pay someone to do it regularly, several times in your lifetime. By purchasing a pressure cleaner, you can do it yourself!

4) Purchasing one rather than renting one ensures you have a better, well-cared-for pressure washer to clean with, not one that has been used often, incorrectly, and not treated properly. Wear and tear can impact the quality of your pressure cleaner and impair its ability to clean

5) Paying someone to pressure clean your home or deck requires you to be at someone else’s mercy. If you want to wait around the house for several hours while somebody else does it, that’s fine. But many people value their independence and appreciate being able to come and go as they please, without being at the mercy of someone else.

6) Rather than renting a pressure washer and not being entirely familiar with how to fully operate it, owning one allows you to gain a high level of familiarity with how to use one so you get it exactly how you like it every time.

7) Owning a pressure washer and doing your own cleaning treatments allow you to ensure your home or commercial property isn’t damaged in the process.

8) Live in an area that’s prone to mold on pool tiles or sulfur markings on the outside of your home? Does your home or hotel’s balconies get mildew every few months? Owning your own pressure washer ensures you’ll be able to clean as often as you like and care for your property frequently.

9) If you’re looking to sell your home or commercial property and anticipate showing it over a period of many months, it will ensure your property is well kept.

10) Acids and mineral buildup will cause paint to corrode and peel off. Routine pressure cleaning of the exterior of your home or business will ensure a longer lifespan on your home’s paint so you won’t have to have re-painting done for a long, long time.

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5 Advantages Of Owning A Pressure Cleaner

When hard surfaces need a thorough clean, a pressure cleaning machine is advantageous by expelling the right amount of water under high pressure to cut through the toughest dirt and grime. Despite the environmental contamination that is caused, a lot tends to be invested in chemicals to eliminate oil, dirt, grime, grease, tar, paint, stains and other hard to remove substances. In the case of a pressure washer, the only components needed to remove the aforementioned substances are pressure and water, therefore eliminating the need for chemicals and other cleaning agents altogether.

Pressure cleaners can operate on electricity or fuels such as petrol and diesel. Which fuel type is chosen can have an influence on how well certain surfaces are cleaned within a business. Here is an example: A business needing to clean small areas would benefit more from an electric pressure washer where as a construction environment would require a diesel pressure washer that is powerful and portable. Here are some of the advantages of owning either one of these types of pressure washers:

• The ability to make pressure adjustments – This means being able to lower the pressure for cleaning automobiles and increasing it for parking lots or industrial areas. For those that prefer not to have adjustments, there are models that expel one consistent level of pressure.

• Portability is another advantage – Electric models do have cords, so they work well in areas where extension cords will not cause a hazard. Electric also works well in confined areas because the pressure cleaner is quieter and there is no exhaust. Gas and diesel models on the other hand, produce exhaust emissions and more noise, making them better suited for well-ventilated outdoor areas. However, both fuel-driven pressure cleaners are portable and powerful.

• Larger fuel-driven models are still portable – They come equipped with wheel dollies that are easy to manoeuver so that cleaning in even some of the harder to reach places is possible. Cleaning larger areas is made an easy task; the operator is able to move from one area to the next without any hassle.

• The portability, manoeuvrability, and the ability to have adjustable pressure when it is a requirement makes cleaning more efficient. Improved efficiency translates into improved productivity. It does not pay for an employee to spend too much time on a single task when they could be focusing on other tasks that are more beneficial for the business.

• Having a device that cleans multiple surfaces in multiple applications is cheaper than owning multiple devices that only perform one function each. Although a pressure washer requires an initial investment, it produces a financial return by efficiently performing its intended functions, reducing the amount of labour involved, cutting cleaning time by half, and reducing the need for harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

The above are basic benefits of owning a”>pressure cleaning machine, but the advantages can go much further than that based upon the business’s unique uses. Many industries benefit from pressure cleaners, such as construction companies, retail establishments, cleaning companies, small shops, warehouses, factories, and many more. Adjustable pressure, portability, power, manoeuvrability, and the ability to use the machine in multiple applications make pressure cleaners a powerhouse within any business.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Hire Cleaning Services

If you are looking at this, you probably fit into one of these kind of people. You are married, have kids, perhaps some pets, and own a home that is too much for you to clean on a daily basis. You’re employed on a full time basis, so the mere thought of cleaning after work or on weekends makes you want to crumple in exhaustion. You try to get your family to help, but you know that is a useless attempt.

Do you need to hire cleaning services, but you’re not sure if they’re worth the money? In the end, only the wealthy get to have maids, right? You’re wrong! On this page, we’ll explain to you a couple of excellent reasons why you should use the services of a cleaning company.

Cheaper than ever

It is not only the rich that get to have house cleaning services. There are lots of experts out there who can work within your price range while still providing a superb service. There is no need to hire someone to come out every day of the week. You can ask them to come once a week or even once a month if that is what you need. Even once a month will be a great relief for you and your family.

Spend more time doing what you enjoy

Part of the whole point about hiring a cleaning company is not having to think about cleaning ever again. Just think about it: no more dusting, no hoovering, forget about toilet scrubbing… sounds like the life, right? Picture everything you could do once the burden of cleaning your property is on someone else. Enjoy your hobbies again, go out for a walk, spend time with your friends, take a nap, or go for a drive. Your life will be a lot better when you do not have to fret about cleaning.

Come home to a fresh house

Many people become irritated if they come home to a messy house. It gives them fear, makes them feel as if they’re not really at home, or just makes them feel bad. If someone else is doing the house duties for you, then guess what? You do not have to worry about it again! Rest knowing that you will come home from a really long day in the office to see your home spotlessly clean and ready for an event. Enjoy and do not think about the cleaning!

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits why you should get a house cleaning service on your payroll. A key benefit is that it will not cost you too much. Even if you’re on the bottom step of the market, you are still able to pay for a cleaning service at least once every month. That gives you a huge benefit when it comes to keeping your house clean throughout the month. No more arguments with your other half and kids to get them to help. That is the definition of home heaven.

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3 Common Benefits of Hiring Professional House Cleaning Services

You along with your spouse are working professionals and thus, cannot pay attention to the housework due to several other commitments. This is something that most of you would relate to as the busy lives we often lead makes us keep household chores aloof and give it a back seat. What we do not realise is that the basic cleanliness of our house is what helps us live in a healthy way.

A dirty floor with dust, food particles, etc. can attract harmful pests, germs, fungi, bacteria, etc. and that could take a toll on our health. Having pets and children around the house makes it even more vulnerable as they are prone to attracting diseases and health ailments faster than adults. Ignoring them isn’t the solution but having professionals to come over and help you out with it can be a solution. The agencies who have professionals as a part of their team to assist the common people are experience and reliable to take care of household chores and perform it by the clients’ way of doing it. There are several ways that you can benefit from a professional team of cleaners helping you with your household work.

• Lets you prioritise your commitments – You as a human being are tied to several responsibilities where you need to commit yourself to your professional as well as your personal life. While cleaners are coming over to take care of the cleanliness of the house, you get to give time to your children and your spouse along with taking care of other chores in the house. You do not have to spend time in getting things and places clean and dedicate the time to some other priority.

• Allows you to lead a healthy lifestyle – While the professionals use the best cleaning accessories along with sanitisers, they ensure that your house is germ-free. This enables you to lead a healthy lifestyle where you and your children breathe fresh and clean air and not get contaminated with diseases. The areas like the floor, washrooms, kitchen area, etc. attract bacteria which is harmful to you as well as the people around you. They make sure that these areas are sanitised and taken care of not to let the bacteria spread.

• Customised cleaning procedures – As it is your house and you set the rules for it, the same applies to the cleaners as well. While the professional cleaners come over, they ensure the fact that you have briefed them on the way they should work. Their service is professional, but they make sure that it is customised according to your needs. The experience that they contain lets you have the best experience while they finish with the cleaning procedure.

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3 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your House Windows

Cleaning residential windows is a tough chore. Since doing this is already a hard chore, making certain mistakes when doing this job can even make the process doubly difficult.

Below are the top mistakes you can make when you decide to clean your home windows on your own or with other family members:

1. Cleaning windows under the wrong weather conditions.

Even though your windows really need a good washing now, you still have to consider the current weather condition before doing this chore. Many people think that a sunny weather is the best time to clean windows; unfortunately, this is wrong. When you do this chore under the bright sun, you won’t get to avoid smudges because the cleaning solution will dry too quickly.

Cleaning these fixtures when it’s raining is not only unsafe but practically useless as well. This is because rain water quickly pollutes windows with streaks and stains. As such, wait for the best time to clean your windows. The ideal time to do this chore is when there is no forecast for rain but the sun isn’t too shining brightly.

2. Failing to remove deposits and debris before cleaning the windows.

Before taking on this chore, you need to remove any bird droppings or other deposits and debris that have accumulated on the windows. By doing so, you will avoid wasting a lot of time, effort, and cleaning product trying to get rid of them while cleaning the windows. To remove deposits and stuck debris, use a scrapper. For more stubborn ones, you may need to use a spray to help loosen them from the window. After spraying the debris and deposits, you can use a paper towel to wipe them off.

3. Utilizing the wrong materials for this chore.

Lastly, when cleaning your windows, you’re bound to deal with a lot of muck. When you use paper towels and lint-based cloths for wiping your windows, you’ll end up leaving behind fibers all over the glass, causing people to question if your windows were ever cleaned at all. Avoid using newspapers as well since they contain a lot of toxins from the ink and that ink is going to end up all over your hands while using them. Utilizing certain products that contain harsh chemical solutions can also counteract all of your hard work since they can actually attract more debris post-cleaning. As such, use non-toxic solutions or better yet, make your own cleaning product by mixing water and lemon juice together.

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10 Tips To Save Money With Your Tumble Dryer

Household laundry is one of the biggest sources of energy cost for homeowners, and there are roughly 14 million households using electricity to dry clothes.

If you’re one of those who plan to use a tumble dryer over the coming months, below we have a handful of helpful tips which will save you money and energy consumption, at the same time as ensuring your laundry dries.

    • Select the fastest spin mode on your washing machine to limit the amount of time your clothes are in the appliance. Keep in mind, tumble dryers use considerably more energy than a washing machine.


    • Keep your tumble dryer filters clean and free from lint. Tumble dryer guides advise to clean the filters after every use, and by doing so you can help keep yours working efficiently as the air flow will not be impeded, meaning the appliance will not need to work as hard to dry clothes nor will it take as long to dry clothes.


    • Avoid drying small loads at a time. Although a second consecutive drying load will take less time to dry, drying larger loads at once will use less electricity and therefore cost you less money.


    • Dry similar fabrics together, as this will help reduce drying time and ensure a more even dry.


    • Reduce drying time by up to 25% by adding tumble dryer balls in with your load. Not only are the balls a natural way to soften fabrics, but they also lift and separate the laundry allowing the hot air to flow more efficiently, which speeds up the drying time – making your appliance more energy efficient.


    • Untangle your laundry before putting it into the tumble dryer. Large knots / tangled laundry takes longer to dry – and is often more difficult to dry – so you need to make sure there aren’t any tangles before you place your laundry in the appliance for drying.


    • Fasten the bottom of duvet covers before placing them into the tumble dryer, as this will prevent smaller items becoming trapped and not drying.


    • Choose the correct drying setting. Many modern dryers come with an automated setting and whilst this may seem like a good function, in reality it is likely to use more energy as your appliance will continue to tumble after the clothes are dry to remove creases. By choosing a manual setting, you won’t be unnecessarily using more heat to dry your clothes. In fact, it is recommended to bring your clothes out of the tumble dryer when they are still slightly damp, as this will make them easier to iron.


    • Avoid adding wet clothes mid-drying cycle. Not only will this add to the time it takes for your laundry to dry, but it can also increase the risk of the thermostat on the appliance tripping.


  • Consider the placement of your tumble dryer, as this can impact on its drying time. If your tumble dryer is placed in a damp room which traps condensation, it will increase the drying time, which is why – where possible – you need to place your tumble dryer in a room which is warm. Placing it in a warm room will mean the appliance doesn’t need to work as hard to heat up, if this isn’t possible place it in a room where a window can be opened, so fresh air can circulate.

Along with following the tips above, when using a tumble dryer, selecting the right model for your needs and requirements in the first place can help you save energy and money every time you use the appliance.

Key to selecting the right tumble dryer for your home includes selecting the right:

  • Type
  • Drum Size
  • Energy Rating

Tumble Dryer Type:

There are 3 common types within the UK:

1) Vented – these use a hose to expel the damp air produced as a result of the drying process. Due to this, they can often use more energy to dry your laundry making them more expensive to use.

2) Condenser – these separate water from the moist air, which is then emptied after drying or pumped out by a waste pipe. Due to not needing a vent hose, the heat is kept in the appliance, meaning they don’t need to use as much energy to dry.

3) Heat Pump – these conserve the hot air created and reuse it, making them a lot more energy efficient compared to other types of tumble dryer. However, it is worth noting that they are more expensive to purchase.

Drum Size:

When it comes to selecting a drum size, the options available are usually between:

  • Large – offers a capacity of 8kg upwards
  • Average – offers a capacity between 6kg to 7kg
  • Compact – offers a capacity between 3kg and 5kg

And whilst bigger may seem better, as touched upon above if you cannot fill your drum you will be wasting energy, and therefore money, when using the appliance.

To ensure you’re getting a drum size which covers the needs and requirements of your home, you need to consider how much laundry you’re likely to need drying at any one time, and for the average household a drum which has a capacity between 6kg and 7kg will suffice.

Energy Rating:

As with all large household appliances, tumble dryers come with an EU standard energy rating, which indicates how energy efficient the appliance is. The energy ratings vary between A+++ and G, although most are C rated – and we obviously recommend opting for the highest rated one your budget can stretch to.

By following the advice outlined above, you will be able to save energy and money in both the short and long term when using your tumble dryer. The following tips will also help you to effectively dry your laundry, even when it isn’t possible to hang it out on the line.

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