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3 Amazing Tips For Removing Carpet Stains

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I bet we’ve all lived through the slow motion movie scene at one time or another. You know, the one where something horrible and messy goes hurling through the air towards your carpet.

Your first instinct is to throw your body in the direction of the airborne liquid, hoping to somehow block its fall. When that doesn’t work, you either cry or hit the Internet looking for removing carpet stains. Thanks goodness your search landed you here.

Below are 3 amazing tips for removing carpet stains or at least pre-treating the stains until you can get a professional out to do a thorough job:

Tip #1 Red wine spills – immediately pour white wine on it. No kidding! My carpet cleaning professional told me this trick. Apparently, the sugar in the white wine neutralizes the stain.

Tip #2 Pet urine – first, dab, don’t scrub, with paper towels to absorb all the moisture. Then using a sponge, apply vinegar, sprinkle baking soda and let it dry. Lastly, vacuum up all the baking soda.

Tip #3 Blood stains – first call 911 (if necessary). Then pull out the hydrogen peroxide. It cleans a cut, right? It also cleans carpets. Note, only use peroxide on light colored carpets. Test a small area under your couch or in a well concealed corner, by dabbing the peroxide or with a cotton swab. After about 15 minutes or so, if the color of the carpet does not bleach, then apply the peroxide in the same manner to the blood stain.

Keep in mind, these are quick and temporary fixes. These stain or spot treating measures will only treat the surface carpet fibers. You definitely need to have a certified professional carpet cleaner in as soon as possible to have your carpet steam cleaned.

Only powerful, high temperature, steam of commercial cleaners can clean down to the padding to protect the look and feel of your carpets.

I hope these tips come in handy. For more amazing and helpful carpet cleaning tips, check out”>Carpet Cleaners Detroit.

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