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3 Items to Consider For Your Next Carpet Sweeper

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For some people it may sound odd to consider a “carpet sweeper”. After all, if you have carpet, shouldn’t you just use a vacuum? How could you possibly get your carpet cleaned by using a sweeper? And why would you want to if a vacuum does a better job?

There are many times where it just isn’t realistic to get out a bulky vacuum. Sure the commercials would have you believe that an electric vacuum is quiet and wont’ disturb anyone, but have you ever tried to watch TV while running the vacuum? It’s nearly impossible to hear what’s going on. Now imagine, instead of the television, that you had eager customers in your store, would you want to send them running out the door when you turn on that noisy vacuum?

Of course not!

Most people aren’t aware of the benefits of having a killer carpet sweeper. You don’t have to spend $400+ on an expensive machine, you can have a cost effective cleaning device that will keep your carpet clean and your customers happy.

Before you go to the store and invest in any cleaning device, we invite you to consider key elements in making your decision. As you go to the store or even look online looking at different features can be challenging. Instead of going through every feature, we have taken the time to evaluate three items that will help you formulate what will be the best device for your needs. We invite you to consider the following items when you are consider a non electric carpet sweeper.

  1. Cost – Non-electric carpet sweepers are much more affordable than traditional vacuums. Although many of them have advanced functionality they are often 60% or even more affordable than a comparable vacuum.
  2. Style of Carpet – Do you have commercial grade carpet? Is your carpet “short haired”? Look at your style of carpet before investing in a specific carpet sweeper. Some sweepers have wider surface areas, different styles of brushes and features and each one is suited for specific purposes.
  3. Technology – It may sound strange to think of a carpet sweeper as having technology, but not all carpet sweepers are created equal. Some companies have invested large sums of money in patents to be unique and provide greater cleaning power. Look at each company and product to find which company has the best technology for your needs.

When you look at the cost, style of carpet, and technology involved in your next carpet sweeper you will be able to find the right cleaning device for your goals.

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Charles Russell is owner and operator of a major HOKY distributor. He regularly contributes cleaning articles and shares methods with business owners that help them to keep their stores clean and their customers happy. Discover more about the”>HOKY Carpet Sweepers that are available for your use today.

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