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3 Reasons Why Your Vacuum Cleaner Is Starting To Stink

Do you notice an odd smell coming from your vacuum cleaner? Does this happen frequently? It is actually easy to determine the origin of the problem. However, here are the most common reasons why your vacuum machine stinks all the time:

1. You are using it to pick up food and liquid spills

Vacuum machines are best used on dry dirt. You should not pick up perishable dirt. You have to fill up the dirt compartment first before discarding the bag or removing the contents of the compartment. If you pick up food or liquid spills, they can turn rancid inside the cleaner. This will surely emit a foul odor as bacteria and germs will propagate inside.

2. You do not regularly clean the brush roll of your upright vacuum

If you have pets at home and you are using the vacuum machine to remove pet hair and dander on your carpets or on the floor, the machine will surely start smelling like your dog! More often than not, the main source of the problem is in the brush roll of the machine.

3. You do not clean the filter of this cleaning machine

The filter is sifting dirt particles in the air. If you do not clean the filter regularly, the filter will eventually smell musty or moldy.

Having said all these, it is safe to arrive to the conclusion that cleaning your vacuum machine is an important part of maintenance. You would want to clean your vacuum as well after using it to avoid smelly problems.

After using, remove the attachments. Try mixing one cup of Lysol cleaner in a bucket full of water. Soak the attachments in the bucket and let the cleaning solution disinfect the attachments. Once they have been cleaned and disinfected, dry them up completely.

Do not pick up food or liquid spills. Wipe them away first before cleaning floor surfaces. Make sure you discard the dirt bag when it has already been filled up to 3/4 of its capacity. Do not wait for the machine to completely fill up the dirt receptacle.

You can also try using deodorizers for your machine. Cut a few square pieces of wax paper and soak them in your favourite essential oil. You can try geranium, chamomile or lavender. Dry up the wax papers. Place them in the filters of the machine. Also clean the filters and the brush roll. Remove collected dirt and debris. These simple tips can help you maintain a fresh-smelling vacuum machine.

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