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3 Self Realization Tips to Declutter Your House

Your house getting cluttered is nothing but result of your habits. These habits are developed from your child hood days or you would have inherited it from your parents or your surroundings. Friends and relatives and their habits also influence the habit and character which is very much related with this habit of cluttering the house.

You can follow the tips listed below which can help you to come out of this problem.

  1. Realize you are Procrastinating: Realize that you have a bad habit of procrastinating. A task or a thing which need to be done now has to be done now; it cannot be postponed to a later date of next week. You need to self realize that you are having this habit of procrastinating. Now every moment you realize and any task which you need to do just do it then and there. Practice this religiously for next 21 days. Why 21 days is because if you can do for the next 21 days, it will naturally become a habit and you shall start enjoying it.
  2. Realize you have Hoarding Habit: You have to look around your house and see how many things are really useful for you. You have just brought it and kept it without even using it for the value you have purchased. Do not further entertain this habit. Next time when you are tempted to buy or accumulate something, pause for a moment and think if it is really necessary. Think twice before you buy anything and then decide if you really require it. Whatever you have already accumulated, you need to go through each and every item and categorize it if you really require it or it is just a collection which you have kept. If it is of second category dispose it off either by gifting to someone or donating it or trashing it.
  3. Realize you are fighting against yourself: These clutter are nothing but your own habit. You need to realize that you are fighting against yourself. After you have decluttered your house as mentioned in the first two points, try to reach at an optimum level of your house. Once this is done never allow any new item to enter your house till you have disposed off something existing. By developing this habit you will have minimum inventory of things in your house. Avoid distraction and focus continuously, keep telling the word you are decluttering the house again and again.

By doing this, you not only clear your house but also develop a habit of not accumulating clutter further. This is very good and work in long-term.

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