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3 Tips for Better Breathing in the Bedroom

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The bedroom for most is a safe haven, a place to retreat from the cares of the day and rest. Then why do so many people report still feeling tired after a full night’s sleep? Many things can affect the quality of our sleep, and the most likely being the condition of the air we breathe all night long. These 3 tips for better breathing in the bedroom may not only help you get a night of restful sleep but improve allergy symptoms as well.

I started thinking about the air quality in our bedroom after several nights of lying down to sleep and having a 15-minute coughing fit that wasn’t caused by a cold. I would be breathing fine until I got settled into sleeping position, and then all of a sudden, “Cough! Cough! Cough!” It was bothersome to both my husband and me. Being a proponent of clean indoor air, I don’t use chemicals in my home, so I quickly ruled out those known irritants. I started looking for the cause of the problem, and here is what I found.

First, I cleaned the ceiling fan blades. This is a chore performed four to five times a year in our home. We have four of them, but only two are in rooms that are used regularly. One of them happens to be over the foot of our bed and is used nearly every night. It has a bit more dust than the others, but not so much that it would cause concern. However, I decided to do a monthly cleaning of the ceiling fan in our room.

Second, I cleaned the vents in our bedroom. The ones that blow out cold/hot air only need cleaning twice a year, but the intake vent gets cleaned on ceiling fan day. Despite regularly changing filters on our units, there is still some dust buildup. Now it is cleaned monthly.

Third, I dusted my walls. Yes, my walls! Everyone dusts bedroom furniture, but who pays attention to the walls? Just as the top of your bureau or nightstand collects dust, so do they. It’s hard to see, unless the light is just so and the angle is right, but it’s there. I used a long-handled microfiber dust mop and a bottle of non-toxic dusting solution to complete this task. My walls have a semi-gloss paint, so I sprayed the wood and dust cleaner on the walls and wiped it off with the dust mop. When finished, the mop head went into the washing machine with my other microfiber cleaning rags.

By eliminating known irritants such as dust from the bedroom, I now know that when I cough is because I have a cold or have been around pollutants outside the home. Put these 3 tips for better breathing in the bedroom to work for you, and see if your sleep improves. At the very least, you will improve the air quality in your bedroom.

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