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3 Tips for Finding the Right Cleaning Service

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Housework is not fun for anyone and most people don’t like to do it. If you are one of the lucky ones who can afford it, hiring a maid service is one of the best ways to get out of doing housework. Just hire a cleaning service to clean for you. However, you can’t just pick the first company that you see in the yellow pages or the want ads. Keep in mind that this person or cleaning team is going to come into your home, be around your family and be in your personal space. How are you going to find the right cleaning service for your personal needs? The following are three tips that you can use to find the best maid service.

Ask friends for recommendations. If you know of friends, relatives or even co-workers who have used cleaning services in the past, then ask them for recommendations. If someone tells you about a good maid service, then ask them what makes this service a good one? What did they like about this particular service that impressed them? What did they see that they did not like and why? Getting personal reviews from people that you know and trust is a great way to find a cleaning service.

Interview these recommended candidates. Now that you have a list of possible maid services, set up appointments and interview each of them. The best way to determine if a particular service is a good fit is to conduct a personal face to face interview. See what services are offered. Express your expectations. You can get a feel for whether or not a person or cleaning team is going to be a good fit just by seeing them in person. Remember, these people are strangers and are going to be working in your home. Do you feel comfortable around them? Aside from the business aspects of the interview such as pricing and hours, the personal aspect is going to be a huge factor as well.

Check references and perform background checks. Do not hire anyone or cleaning team until you have performed thorough background checks and spoken with past clients or employers. Keep in mind that most people will only provide references that put themselves in a good light. So, be proactive and do a little digging on your own. If it is a commercialized cleaning service, then there should be something on the web that you can check and verify. See if there are any negative or good reviews about this particular cleaning service. If you are dealing with an independent contractor, then check with past employers and ask as many questions as possible.

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