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4 Tips To Choosing The Right Air Mover For Your Business

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Air movers are extremely important pieces of restoration equipment that are used for dealing with water damage. This type of equipment is used to dry carpet, hardwood floors, dry wall and other surfaces damaged by flood. They often work in tandem with dehumidifiers to increase air-flow thereby causing more rapid evaporation. They can be used in all sized rooms including crawl spaces in need of increased ventilation. The features of an air mover vary by model but are basically the same.

Air movers are ideal for carpet cleaning and restoration projects. The challenge, however, is choosing the right unit for your business. The following are tips to aid in the decision process:

1. Motor size and speed – Models with a 1HP mover will ensure maximum airflow. It is also ideal to have one with multiple fan speed settings. Lower speeds are ideal when noise needs to be kept to a minimum and if the room is small. Higher speeds are ideal for those rooms that are larger and when noise is not a concern.

2. Quality construction and manoeuvrability- Air movers need to be built to last, with the use of durable material and an antimicrobial protective layer against mould and mildew. The need for transportation between areas calls for manoeuvrability, which is achieved through the attachment of wheels, especially on larger models.

3. Airflow – Airflow is very important because the rate of airflow will determine the rate of drying. The direction in which the air goes is also an aspect to consider. It is ideal to select a model that has the ability to set different drying positions. This feature allows the user to set the machine to the correct drying angle. Many units are stackable and can be placed in daisy chains for more air moving power.

4. Electrical safety – Units need to be grounded for electrical safety. Cords should be completely intact and not damaged. Damage to the machine can result in electrical danger.

If you own a carpet cleaning and restoration business,”>air movers can be great assets to your arsenal of restoration equipment. The job is done much faster and this sort of efficiency means being able to move from job to job faster. Completing tasks quicker translates into the improvement of your bottom line. By choosing correctly based upon motor size, airflow, construction, manoeuvrability, and checking that measures have been taken to ensure electrical safety, finding the right machine can be profitable for your business.

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