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4 Tips to Making Bathroom Grout and Tile Cleaning Easier and A Lot More Fun

Although grout and tile cleaning should be done a regular basis, the truth is that off times grout cleaning can become meticulously dull. I spent two years professionally cleaning bathroom tile. Although it is not the best job I’ve ever had in my life, I did enjoy it most of the time. And now with these few tips, you can enjoy it too.

  1. Make sure you have a strong enough cleaner. This will allow you to get the job done a lot faster. I recently read a blog about how a guy took 8 hours to clean a shower. Of course he was using diluted vinegar. The truth is I would rather spend a couple of bucks on a decent cleaner, than waste my entire day cleaning grout. (Tilex and Soft scrub are good to start with, but you should always have a stronger commercial tile grout cleaner on hand just in case you get stuck cleaning a really bad stain.)
  2. Allow the grout cleaner 10-12 minutes to sink in, loosen the dirt, and kill the dirt and mildew that might be present in the tile. After that use a medium firm grout brush to take the remainder of the dirt out of the grout. Brush bristles work a lot better at getting out the dirt then do sponges and mops. An added benefit is that they also the dirt out rather then soak it in. Rinse and dry it off completely and your done!
  3. To have more fun when you”>clean bathroom grout, you should also try to listen to music. An MP3 or an i-pod work great, or you could just be old- fashioned like me and listen to talk radio. This really can make the time fly for you.
  4. Had the right equipment for your body. This includes gloves and eye protection. If you are planning on being on a hard tiled floor for a few hour buy a kneeling pad in the gardening department or some knee pads. Best Luck!

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