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This article discusses innovative and helpful tools that you

Our clients, can implement and utilize in your everyday “tweetings.” Twitter is a highly effective marketing tool that can increase your company’s visibility and help reach your target demographic. Here are a few tools that will help you make the most of your Tweeting time.

Seesmic is an impressive and easy-to-use app. Created for the desktop, iPhone and Blackberry, seesmic helps to simplify using multiple twitter and Facebook accounts.. It features an “email-like interface,” unlimited columns, multiple languages, geo-location support and can save your twitter searches. We love it at TBS because it has a clean design and you can see 4 columns on one page, which is about the most you can handle while staying sane and productive. Follow this app @seesmic

Twitter for iPhone: Twitter’s official app also launched a few weeks ago (literally years after twitter appeared on the web itself.) A personal favourite of our Managing Director Lucia, twitter acquired the highly acclaimed “tweetie” and made it all their own. It’s an excellent application, we like that twitter waited to see how their users navigated the site and what others apps offered users. Twitter developed a really intuitive app that could really threaten the longevity of other alternatives. Try it out for yourself and be sure to let us know what you think. Connect via @twitter
TweetDeck: TweetDeck is a fantastic application especially in its design; it’s an Adobe air desktop application that synchs with Facebook, Linkedin, Foursquare, MySpace and Twitter. It is compatible with several operating systems and features multiple columns meant for organizing tweets, direct messages and twitter exchanges. One especially salient feature is that you can organize your tweeps into different groups allowing for a focused eye on certain “twitterers.” Discover this app @TweetDeck

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HootSuite: Are you concerned about the time involved in managing a consistent and successful twitter account? Are you often busy with clients and other aspects of running your business? If you are short on time and can’t be a dedicated “twitter-er,” HootSuite is the perfect solution for busy professionals. We recommend devoting a minimum of an hour each day researching and preparing your tweets. You can then feed and organize them into HootSuite’s “preschedule” feature and have them published throughout the day. It’s also a great tool for measuring analytics and managing multiple accounts. Link to this tool @hootsuite

Brizzly: The major feature on this service is the “picnic” whereby you can create a private space to share pictures, links, sites and comments. You can create a “picnic” from both Facebook and Twitter and invite a select group of people to see and contribute to the “picnic” content. You can create, manage or join up to ten “picnics” at a time. Services like brizzly bring the art of conferencing to a whole new level. Connect via @brizzly
So now you know what we use at The Blog Studio to stay organized and connected to the twittersphere. We would love to hear your comments as well as your tool and application preferences so please share them with us!